How Does HVAC System Reduce Air Pollution Indoors?

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Most of you pay a lot of attention to the outdoor air pollution. However, the air pollution generated indoors does havoc on our health. Although this is the most ignored component, it causes the most health issues. You will be shocked to know that some pollutants have higher concentration levels indoors than outdoors. On average, almost 90% of the American population spends indoors every day. This has made it a must to purify the air indoors.

Due to indoor air pollution, you can suffer from health issues like lung infection, and heart diseases. So, the more time you spend indoors, the more prone are you to getting infected by air pollution. You can hire the services of an aircon company to check the air quality indoors. However, an HVAC system can help you with less pollution indoors. Want to know how? Here are some steps.

What causes air pollution indoors?

There is no one particular way of pollution getting indoors. Instead, several outdoor activities pave the way for dust particles and debris to get inside your house. The various openings of your house say, the windows, doors, and ventilators, let in the fine particles. Besides, if you have a pet or a child at home, it can contribute to more dust and debris.

Not having proper ventilation can also lead to the accumulation of hazardous elements. Besides, if you have people smoking indoors, it does contribute to the already existing dust pollutants. In short, all kinds of volatile organic compounds can lead to air pollution indoors. Some of the common sources of volatile organic compounds include personal care products, pesticides, insecticides, cleaning agents, room fresheners, and many more.

Then, you have the pathogens that rose more after the Covid-19. These pathogens get in the way of the HVAC system or air conditioning units and get spread into the air you breathe in. This is why most of you should pay attention to aircon maintenance and cleaning.

Ways to reduce air pollution indoors

1. Use air purification technology

You must have heard of solar ultraviolet radiation. These radiations emit contaminants that get mixed into the air and pollute it. As an antidote to this, you can install UVC lights within the HVAC system to keep the area indoors free from pathogens. You can use UVC in numerous ways, precisely in combination with particulate filtration, ventilation, etc.

2. Have a good ventilation design

When you have rooms with proper ventilation, it reduces air pollution. The truth here is that ventilated spaces control odors, freshen the air, and remove the contaminants that may pollute the air. To improve the ventilation in your rooms, you have to move the ductwork to a new location. Generally, dirt accumulates in the kitchen. To prevent this, you can create separate air units in the kitchen.

3. Control humidity and temperature with VRF

When the humidity levels or the temperature in the air is comparatively high, it enhances the air pollutant concentration. When the air outside is too humid, it makes the surfaces and air moist. Thus, this moist air leads to the development of mold. On the other hand, having extremely low humidity in the air is another problem. Less humidity helps the viruses to grow and spread even indoors. A healthy humidity condition is something that lies between 30% to 50%.

4. Enhance filtration

Generally, the standard filters of furnaces and air conditioning units do not eliminate pathogens. However, the importance of filters in the HVAC systems creates a conducive environment indoors. These filters protect your HVAC equipment from releasing and trapping dust and debris. To purify the indoor air, you can install HEPA filters. These are highly efficient and block dust particles of various sizes.

5. Clean the ductwork

Whatever dust particles circulate in the air all of them get accumulated in the ductwork. This is sure to impact the air quality and lead to air pollution indoors. So, whatever is present in the ductwork ultimately results in the air that you breathe. To prevent this, it is necessary to inspect the ductwork at least twice every year. While you focus on the aircon maintenance, make sure to inspect the ductwork.

6. Take help from a professional for mold remediation

After a year or so, your HVAC system is sure to have some mold accumulation, especially in its ductwork. This traps the dirt and contaminates the air you breathe in. To prevent such a situation, look for a professional HVAC cleaning company that can help you with the entire HVAC and furnace cleaning process.


Above all, the way you maintain your HVAC system and air conditioning unit matters. Paying attention to the aircon maintenance and conducting it at regular intervals can improve the air quality indoors. For this maintenance, hire the services of a reputed aircon company in London now.

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