How do invisible braces compare to traditional teeth alignment solutions?

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If you’re one of thousands of people who ponder the idea of teeth alignment each year, then you might be interested in learning a little more about what a company called Invisalign can Invisalign Price Dubai offer . Whether you are looking for teeth alignment solutions for yourself or someone else, perhaps one of your children, you may have been surprised at how many different solutions there are.


However, almost every popular method offered by dentists involves the application of one of two types of braces. Until recently there was only one type of brace – fixed braces made of metal or wire. But today there is a new selection that, while not suitable for everyone, certainly offers an attractive alternative.


Invisalign can offer – a solution commonly referred to as invisible braces. One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional braces used for teeth alignment is the fact that they are so highly visible. Even a slight smile is enough to reveal fairly obvious braces and impossible to hide. For children, this can be embarrassing, and for teenagers going through a difficult period of growing up, it can be a real problem that horribly damages self-confidence.


Of course, not everyone who decides to straighten their teeth is a child, and many adult professionals explore the idea every year. But for a working professional who has highly visible, somewhat distracting metal wire staples, that’s not really an option that many people would consider. So for all these different groups of people, the idea of invisible braces from Invisalign certainly sounds tempting. But what are invisible braces and how do they differ from normal braces?

Applying pressure in a much less obvious way

Resin-based molds that slide over teeth and apply pressure in a much less obvious way. Invisible braces are a bit like wearing a mouthguard, but since they don’t need to offer protection from harsh sports, they’re much thinner and made of a material that’s almost completely transparent. This means the end result is virtually invisible braces.


Not only that, but for those moments that really matter, like a professional photo, an intimate moment, a date with a peanut butter sandwich, or just when you want to brush your teeth properly, Invisalign invisible braces can be easily removed . But the advantages are not just in terms of appearance or oral hygiene .


can also apply the teeth alignment changes in much shorter periods of time – months instead of years. How is that possible? The answer is that Invisalign invisible braces are adjusted and then only left for two weeks, as opposed to traditional metal braces, which are adjusted and then left in place for 2-4 years. After two weeks, the braces are removed and replaced with a new set of invisible braces that are slightly different from the first set. This process is repeated every two weeks, with each successive brace applying slightly different pressures, steadily pushing the teeth toward their final position in carefully planned incremental steps.


Invisalign’s technology, it’s possible to predict almost exactly how your teeth will eventually look—and even what they’ll look like at each two-week stage. This is because a computer is used to model and maneuver your teeth in 3D virtual reality and it is the computer that generates the models Invisible Braces for each brace shape . This combines a dentist’s experience and expertise in bumping and maneuvering teeth with computer technology to create a solution that is reliable, accurate, convenient, convenient, discreet, healthier and more effective than traditional tooth alignment solutions.

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