How Bapesta was started

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How Bapesta was started and its journey so far

Bapesta, short for the “Balai Penelitian Ternak” or the “Livestock Research Center,” is an Indonesian research institution specializing in animal husbandry. The institute was established in 1964 with a vision to research to improve the quality and productivity of livestock in Indonesia.

The Beginning:

The idea of establishing Bapesta first emerged in the 1960s when the government of Indonesia realized the need for comprehensive research to enhance the livestock industry’s potential. In 1964, the government of Indonesia and the Netherlands joined hands to create the institute. The Dutch government provided financial assistance and technical support, and the Indonesian government provided the land for the research center.

The institute was built on a 32-hectare land in Bogor, a city in West Java. The facility had modern research labs, breeding centers, and a library. The Dutch experts in animal husbandry provided technical expertise and training to the Indonesian staff to enhance their skills and knowledge in animal husbandry.

Bapesta’s Focus:

Bapesta’s research primarily focused on improving the quality and productivity of cattle, goats, and sheep, the most prevalent livestock in Indonesia. The institute aimed to develop innovative breeding techniques, better feed, and disease control measures to improve the health and well-being of the livestock. Bapesta also collaborated with international organizations to promote research and development in animal husbandry.

In the early years, Bapesta’s research significantly contributed to advancing the livestock industry in Indonesia. The institute developed several new cattle breeds, improved animal nutrition, and introduced new disease control measures that helped reduce mortality rates in livestock.

Bapesta’s Achievements:

Over the years, Bapesta’s research has made significant animal husbandry achievements. Here are some of the institute’s notable accomplishments:

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