HIFU facial or CoolSculpting: Which one is safer

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Facial treatments are becoming popular owing to changes in lifestyle and other types of influence. HIFU facial is a non-invasive treatment that helps reduce the face’s ageing. It is a part of the anti-ageing process that facelift without the use of any surgical treatment. In 2017, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery predicted that more than 4% of people opt for a HIFU facelift.

Since they are not invasive, the recovery period is short. Although you might not get the required results, such treatment will not last long. Thus, if you are thinking of getting a HIFU facelift, this article will guide you.

HIFU facial

What is a HIFU facelift?

HIFU facelift will use ultrasound that heats the skin on deep levels. The extreme heat will cause damage to the skin cells, which will then prompt the body to repair them. Through this process, the body will produce collagen, which will support in regrowth of cells. Collagens are a type of skin structure and elastic, like a substance of the skin. HIFU facelift will help in

  • To tighten neck skin.
  • It will reduce the jowls’ appearance.
  • If you have drooping eyelids, the treatment will reduce
  • Smoothening face wrinkles
  • Smoothening and tightening the skin on the chest.

 It is a type of ultrasound used by medical practitioners, although in HIFU facelifts, high intense energy waves are used. This type of treatment is similar to that used for treating tumours. On the other hand, they are applied with a greater degree of force and for a longer period of time. Hence, this process is not new; it has also been used for other treatments.

About Cool Sculpting

CoolSculpting works like that of HIFU Facelift. Hence, the process will not use needles, perform surgeries and have less downtime. Practitioners say there are two ways of reducing fat accumulation in the body. One uses liposuction, while the other is the natural death of cells.

If you want to get the most out of Cool Sculpting, you need be prepared to devote more than a year to the fat-reduction process. You can opt for this treatment to reduce fats on the face, neck, and chins. After you have undertaken the treatment, you will experience a reduction of fats by 30%, thus, improving your look factor.

How safe is cool sculpting?

Although, you must remember that the Australian government does not approve procedures on cheeks as these areas are very small. In this view, the Cool Sculpting process is done in areas where stubborn fats cannot be reduced through exercise and dieting. Thereby, you can opt for Coolsculpting for the neck and chin area.

CoolSculpting is the opposite of HIFU; they are types of cold therapies. A reduction in fat can occur in any area of the body as you go through this process. Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia has deemed that this type of treatment is safe. Experienced practitioners have performed more than 11 million treatments. Studies and articles that have been published in medical journals provide evidence that the CoolSculpting procedure is safe.

Every treatment will have its side effects. This might include swelling, redness, and the feeling of a sting. After the treatment, you might witness the side effects for more than two weeks.

HIFU Facelift or CoolSculpting?

 You need to understand the difference between both types of treatment. HIFU facelift helps to tighten your skin, thus preventing ageing. It will use a heating process for cell death. Although, CoolSculpting is a type of cold therapy that reduces body fat. If you notice fat accumulation around your chin and neck, you have no choice but to go through with this procedure. However, if you are showing signs of ageing, an HIFU facelift may be a viable alternative for you.

 Suppose you are thinking about the safety measures of the process. Both are non-surgical types of treatment. They target cells and eliminate them; thus, you naturally get beauty.

HIFU facial


Facial treatments and the urge to look beautiful are becoming popular. Although, safety is a major concern for many of the clients. It would help if you remembered that both are non-surgical treatments approved by the government for safety. Although, you must get a thorough skin check-up to reduce the chances of any risk factor. Also, if you want to tighten your skin, then a HIFU facelift is a viable option.

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