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You’re passionate well-nigh your 350z and want to make sure you can see and be seen when driving at night. The stock headlights on the 350z just don’t cut it for style or visibility. You need an upgrade. But with so many options out there headlights for 350z, how do you segregate what’s right for you?

This vendible will walk you through the weightier headlight options for your 350z based on style, performance, and budget. Whether you want brighter bulbs, stylish projector lights or high-end LEDs, we’ve got recommendations for headlights that will transform the squint of your Z and alimony you unscratched on visionless roads. We’ll compare specs and pricing to help determine what’s the weightier nomination depending on how much you want to spend. By the end, you’ll know the right headlights to get so you can momentum your 350z with conviction at night.

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Choosing the Right Headlights for Your 350z

When it comes to replacing your 350z headlights, you’ve got options. The most important thing is choosing headlights that modernize both the style and safety of your Z.

For style, you can’t go wrong with projector headlights or LED headlights. Projector headlights provide a super sharp cut-off line and a high-tech look, while LEDs emit a bright, pure white light for a custom appearance. Either of these upgrades will make your 350z squint years newer and turn heads at night.


For safety, focus on output and whizgigging pattern. Brighter lights, virtually 4,000 to 6,000 lumens per pair, illuminate the road largest at night and in bad weather. A wide whizgigging pattern spreads the light evenly for maximum visibility, while a low whizgigging prevents blinding other drivers.

You’ll moreover want to consider housing and finish. A woebegone or gunmetal housing complements the 350z’s sporty styling the best. For the lens, stick with a well-spoken finish for the brightest output or segregate a subtle smoke tint for a touch of uneaten style.

With the right choices, you can have 350z headlights that make a unvigilant style statement and provide the visibility you need to momentum safely at night. Now the only question is, are you ready to make the switch and wits what you’ve been missing?

Top Aftermarket Headlights for 350z Style and Performance

When it comes to upgrading your 350z headlights, you have a few solid options to consider.

  • Projector Headlights

Projector headlights provide a sharp, focused whizgigging for largest visibility and a custom look. Brands like Spyder and Winjet offer projector headlights that are uncontrived replacement upgrades for your stock 350z headlights. They full-length Halo rings or LED strips for a high-tech appearance.

  • LED Headlights

LED headlights are the latest in lighting technology and a popular aftermarket upgrade. They yank less power while producing a bright, well-done light. Recon offers LED headlights for the 350z that provide over 100 feet of visibility. With 6500K unexceptionable white light, they’ll transform the squint of your Z at night.

  • Halo Headlights

Halo headlights, moreover tabbed Angel Eyes, requite your 350z an aggressive, sporty squint with unexceptionable LED rings virtually the headlight lenses. Brands like Spec-D and Anzo have halo headlight options for the 350z in woebegone or chrome to complement your Z’s style. Halos are eye-catching and a stylish volitional to standard headlights.

  • Xenon Headlights

Xenon headlights, known as HIDs, provide a bluish tinted light that is two to three times brighter than stock halogen bulbs. Xenons like those from Morimoto and Helix not only enhance visibility for safer driving but moreover requite your 350z a custom glow. For the weightier results, segregate a headlight housing designed for HID bulbs.

With the right aftermarket headlights, you can modernize your visibility and transform the squint of your 350z. Whether you prefer the latest LEDs, sporty halos or high-intensity xenon lights, you have stylish options to light up the road ahead.

Installing New Headlights on a Nissan 350z

Installing new headlights on your Nissan 350z is a straightforward process, but there are a few things to alimony in mind for maximum safety and style.

  1. Selecting Your Headlights

Choosing the right headlights for your 350z depends on the squint you want and how much light output you need. Halogen bulbs are inexpensive but dimmer, while LEDs and HIDs provide a stylish, high-tech squint with lots of unexceptionable light. LEDs and HIDs do require spare installation components, so factor that into your budget.

  1. Removing the Old Headlights

To remove your current headlights, first unshut the hood and locate the when of each headlight housing. You should see a plastic imbricate held on by clips or screws—remove those to wangle the bulb. Unplug the electrical connector from the when of the bulb, then turn the seedling counterclockwise to remove from the housing. Install your new bulbs in the reverse order, turning clockwise to lock in place and reconnecting the wiring.

  1. Adjusting Your Headlights

After installing new headlights, it’s hair-trigger to retread them properly to stave blinding other drivers. Have someone sit in the driver’s seat as you stand in front of the 350z. Turn on the headlights and locate the welding screws or bolts on the top and side of each headlight. Tighten the screws to aim the lights lanugo and inboard slightly. Check that the lights are plane by standing 20 to 30 feet in front of the car. Make any final adjustments, then tighten the welding hardware to lock the aim in place.

Propr headlight installation and welding helps ensure maximum visibility for you while keeping other motorists safe. New headlights can moreover enhance the unvigilant style of your Nissan 350z. Take your time and be meticulous—your nighttime driving visibility depends on it!


So there you have it – the weightier 350z headlights to seriously upgrade your ride’s style and safety. Whether you’re looking to uplift visibility, transpiration up your Z’s look, or get the latest tech, one of these options should do the trick nicely. You really can’t go wrong with any of these highly-rated choices, but whichever set you choose, be prepared for lots of compliments and “where’d you get those?!” questions from fellow Z owners and enthusiasts. Your 350z is a special car, so requite it the headlights it deserves. The only thing left to decide now is which ones are going to be the perfect match for your Z. Happy upgrading and unscratched driving!

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