Guide to the Best Student Areas to Live in Exeter

Guide to the Best Student Areas to Live in Exeter

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You may have the best of both worlds as a student in Exeter: a lovely city with breathtaking vistas and a bustling and lively culture. It is the ideal location to unwind after a long day of studying because there are so many restaurants, clubs, pubs, and other activities there. Exeter is the ideal location to establish roots and take advantage of the great outdoors thanks to the beautiful River Exe and the green spaces of Dartmoor National Park. Here, we’ve compiled a list of Exeter’s greatest neighbourhoods where students can discover the ideal place to live.

Union Road

From the main campus of the university, take the route down to the Union route. The distance from campus and the amount of noise you’ll hear at night depends depend on which end of Union Road you reside on, but Union Road does exactly what its name implies by connecting all of the major student routes. Living on Union Road means you’ll be close to all of your friends because it connects Vic Street, Springfield, and is on the border of Pennsylvania.

Victoria Street

Victoria Street, which branches off Union Road, is well known for being the centre of student housing, with many first-year students and second-year students vying for early student accommodation Exeter on Vic Street. There’s no need to ever leave Vic Street when the Victoria Inn is right outside your door, along with the corner store Saunders and the Co-op a short distance away. It is a terrific location, especially for those wishing to be right in the thick of the student buzz, even though it may occasionally be a touch noisy since both the major university campus and the town centre are only a 20-minute walk away.

Pennsylvania Road and Longbrook Street

Pennsylvania Road and Longbrook Street, with Penny Road at its top and Longbrook at its bottom, are the main thoroughfares used by students travelling between the town and the campus. Students who are fortunate enough to reside there are near to all of their friends who live on one of the numerous other well-known student roads that branch off of it. It also has fast food restaurants, the always-busy Black Horse Pub, a Co-Op, and John Lewis and Sainsbury’s are located at the base of Longbrook. Both Longbrook Street and Pennsylvania Road are only a quick 15-minute walk from the college and the town centre thanks to a shortcut to campus through Thornton Park.

Mount Pleasant 

As the name implies, Mount Nice Road and the neighbourhood it is in are both very nice. Roads like Old Tiverton and Iddesleigh, which are a little bit farther from the busy core, offer a more tranquil living environment, making them ideal for people who don’t want to be awakened in the middle of the night by rowdy students. Nothing in Exeter is ever too far away, even though the cost of some peace and quiet is a lengthier walk to both the town and the school.

Howell Road

Howell Road runs beside Longbrook Street and descends past Exeter St David’s station before ending at the breathtakingly beautiful Exeter Quay, which is home to a variety of shops, eateries, and entertainment venues. For those who wish to be near the popular student areas without really living in them, Howell Road is the ideal location. Old Park Road and Mowbray Avenue, which are both within a short 15-minute walk from the town centre and campus, are two more well-liked student streets nearby.

Powderham Crescent

The elliptical Powderham Crescent, which is situated between Pennsylvania Road and Victoria Street, feels like its own small neighbourhood despite being so close to the busy student areas. The vibrant St Anne’s Well bar, the ideal spot to spend an evening with a pint and a game of pool, is located on Well Street, just off Powderham Crescent.

Heavitree Road

The best neighbourhoods to live in for individuals attending classes at St. Luke’s Campus are Heavitree Road and the streets that surround it. Living in this neighbourhood will undoubtedly cut the ordinarily lengthy walk to Luke’s in half thanks to the enormous Waitrose on the corner and the proximity of the Vue Theatre. Of course, living here puts you a good 20 minutes walk from the town and the main campus of the university, but in Exeter, nothing is ever really that far away, and there are bus connections to and from all of the campuses. And for more accommodation click the above link – student housing


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