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The decision to invest in the stock market is great if you acquire complete knowledge of it. But if you are new and want to start stock investing, then don’t do it without gaining at least basic knowledge. You can create a strong portfolio if you know how to invest and where to do it. In this article, we will explain in detail about howtoinvest so that you can use your portfolio to grow faster. 

How is the Stock Market cycle related to the Economy?

Being an investor or planning to be one, you should first know about the market cycles. There are generally four types of stock markets: Bull markets, Bear markets, sideways markets and rallies. When the prices of stocks tend to be high and then a fall in cynicism that means it is a bull market and it relates to a positive sign for economic health. A bear market is one in which falling prices result in an assumption of good increase. This market starts when there is a recession in the economy or it is uncertain. The sideways market is what happens when there is no change in the price fluctuation for a long time. Investing in a sideways market could lose interest as it is hard to predict such markets. In Rallies, there is a fast transition between prices (increase and decrease fastly). This type of market generally happens when there is a positive sign. If Investors are well aware of all these markets, then it would be easy to decide for them in which to invest and better understanding of how2invest.

Strategies to follow while investing

Before anything else, you are required to identify your objective and the risk you can bear:
  • Regular saving: a fixed amount of investment per month. If you feel safe you can also gradually increase the amount.
  • Index funds: less risk in more diversification. It also includes the S&P 500 index.
  • Mutual funds: Although the cost is higher but gives more chances for growth in wealth.
  • Individual stocks: In this you can prefer buying your favourite company’s stocks.
Increase your wealth: Know every related tax law If you know every investment-related government rule and law, you can increase your wealth to a great extent:
  • Interest generated from debts or bonds is taxable at your marginal rate which lies between 10-37%.
  • Dividend income generated from stocks is taxable at 15% or marginal price.
  • Assets or stock selling tax on capital gains: 20% on long-term profits and 15% on short-term.
You can hire a financial advisor and invest smartly. You will also get various tax benefits on some investments.

Types of investments

By choosing an investment type you can get various wealth and tax-related benefits:
  • Saving Accounts: This is the simplest, secure and free withdrawal investment but doesn’t give good returns.
  • Certificate of Deposits(CDs): similar to saving accounts with better returns. But free withdrawal is not allowed in the specified period(1-5 years generally)
  • Money Market Accounts(MMAs): the savings account with higher returns but with withdrawal limits.
  • Treasury Bills(T bills): debt securities issued by the US government.


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