Emergency Broken Window Repair

Great Tips for Broken Window Emergency Repair

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Double glazed windows are much more than the investment you make for life. There are several benefits with double glazing option such as – enhanced security and energy efficiency but, like all windows, they possess the risk of breaking easily. The risk can be minimal though it is possible for double-glazed window to crack or shatter without any reason. So, what will you do when you find yourself in an emergency where there is a broken window? Read further to know the steps you should take for boarding up a broken window and search for an emergency broken glass repair company.

What you should do when you find a broken window

When the window gets cracked, this may affect stability and security. It is more likely to break than an uncracked window. Once a window fully shatters, it is necessary to take the right step for safety purpose.

If there is a broken window, then you need to:

  • Know the reason what caused your window to break easily. When there is a cause like a storm or home intruder, make sure you remain safe in your home.
  • Move children and pets to a safe place and ensure they do not come in contact with the broken glass.
  • Wear shoes and thick gloves to protect hands before sweeping up the glass with a brush and dustpan.
  • Remove loose shards of glass in window frame to avoid them from falling out and injuring family.
  • Use tape pieces to go over your floor area by picking up small pieces of glass.
  • Dispose of glass in a bin liner and keep this bag where your kids and pets cannot reach.

How you can board up a broken window

It is necessary to board up your window properly to prevent rain from entering into your house and causing damp. This will dissuade burglars from breaking inside your home. Make sure you do a thorough job to protect your home and family. Are you wondering how to board up a broken window?

Continue reading, to gather these materials and follow the steps discussed below.


  • Bin bags
  • Plyboard sheets
  • Drill
  • Masking tape
  • Screws
  • Staple gun
  • Saw
  • Thick gloves
  • Tape measure


  • Wear thick gloves so that the window is clear of glass.
  • Cover any glass pieces with masking tape.
  • Measure window frame and cut plyboard sheet to proper size with a saw
  • Create evenly spaced pilot holes in the plyboard and screw board to window frame.

How to search for an emergency broken glass repair company

It is important to search for the best emergency broken glass repair company. This can be somewhat overwhelming as there are different businesses available. Make sure you contact the right company for your needs by considering the following things:

a. Check reviews of customers

Finding a glass repair company provides you with the opportunity to see past reviews of customers and examples of real life.

b. Get some quotes for fair price

You need to get some quotes and ensure you are charged fairly. Avoid picking the lowest price as this might denote inexperience.

c. Spend time to chat about job

You have to take out little time to chat about your job with different glass repair companies. They will provide you an indication about their professionalism and whether you will work well together.

d. Find whether there is any warranty

It is important to check if there is a warranty with new windows in the case of defects.

Reasons why double glazing option has shattered inside

Sometimes, double-glazing option may break without any obvious reason. When this takes place, it can be quite shocking though there has to be a cause. Some reasons your double glazing might have shattered inside are the following:

  • The windows are large which provide better chance of cracking and flexing.
  • The window had been installed in a correct way by creating pressure on glass.
  • The window was defective with some errors made during production.
  • The double-glazed window was subjected to quick increase in temperature by raising the pressure between window panes.
  • The window was scratched and weakened.

About professional window glass replacement

When one or more of your windows is broken for any reason, you need to contact a reputed company for glass replacement. This is the most suitable option to ensure new windows have been fitted properly and they will last for a long time. You need to search in Google to contact with different professionals who can help in window glass replacement. Take the stress out of broken windows by getting in touch with a trustworthy glass repair company. You may even go through the profiles of these providers and check testimonials of past clients.

Cost of broken window repair

After the window glass has been completely shattered, it is not possible to put it back together. Rather, you need to replace glass for creating clear, secure and durable window. The cost of window glass replacement will include pricing, necessary considerations and tips to help with broken window emergency repair.

It is advisable that you contact professionals who can help with the services of shop window repair and window glass replacement within your estimated budget.

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