Getting From Dundee to Edinburgh Airport

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Getting from Dundee to Edinburgh Airport is relatively easy, and flights are usually quite cheap at this time of year. However, flexing your dates may help you find even better prices.

Xplore Dundee launched a brand new express coach service to Edinburgh Airport back in June that gets you from the city centre straight to the airport with no stops along the way.


Getting to the airport by train is one of the most convenient options, especially if you’re traveling with children or luggage. Travelers can choose from a variety of train companies, including Scotrail, Caledonian Sleeper, London North Eastern Railway, and Cross Country. To get the best prices, book your ticket at least 1 day in advance.

If you are a student or senior citizen, you may be eligible for discounted travel on the airport shuttle bus. Simply show your valid travel identification to the driver. You can also save money by booking your tickets online.

On average, the train from Dundee to Edinburgh Airport costs $12 (EUR11) one way if you book in advance. The price of tickets tends to increase during peak seasons such as Christmas, New Year, and summer. However, airfares are generally cheaper from mid-January to February and around October when many people refrain from traveling due to the weather.

The airport has an integrated rail and tram service, making it easy to reach from the city centre. Once you arrive at the airport, take the Airlink service 100 to the main station Waverley Bridge. Tickets can be purchased at the Airlink kiosk, on board the bus, or in advance from the Lothian Buses website.

Travelers can find plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy while waiting for their flight at Edinburgh Airport. Duty-free shopping is a popular option, with many high-end brands selling perfume, cosmetics, fashion accessories, and souvenirs. In addition, the airport offers a number of cafes and restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines.

The bus from Dundee to Edinburgh Airport is operated by Megabus and takes around 2 hours to get there. Depending on the time of day, the fare can be up to PS35. If you want to make the most of your journey, consider upgrading your seat to first class for a slightly higher price. You can also save money by purchasing your tickets online or at the Xplore Dundee travel center on Commercial Street. To save even more, you can sign up for a price alert to receive emails or push notifications whenever the price of your ticket drops.


Xplore Dundee launched a new luxury airport coach service in June, this time linking the city directly to Edinburgh Airport. I took the opportunity to test out the service earlier this morning and was suitably impressed with how well it’s performing, despite being only a few months in.

With more than 20 bus departures a day, it’s easy to find the best way to travel from Dundee to Edinburgh Airport. The price of a ticket varies depending on the day of the week and the number of people travelling, but it’s usually cheaper to book in advance. The price of a ticket in Economy class is around $12 (EUR11) per person. If you want to get the most out of your trip, consider grabbing a seat in Premium or Business class.

The train connection is another great option for getting to the city. There are several train services running to and from the airport daily, making it a convenient option for both travelers and locals. The journey is relatively short and only takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Dundee.

If you prefer to fly, there are also plenty of options for getting from Edinburgh Airport to Dundee. Edinburgh Airport is connected to a variety of major cities in the UK, so it’s easy to find a flight that fits your schedule. There are also a number of car rental companies at the airport, making it easy to rent a vehicle and get on your way.

It’s a good idea to study a little bit of the language before your trip to Edinburgh. This will help you understand the locals and make your interactions more pleasant. Plus, it’ll be endearing to native speakers who will certainly appreciate your effort.

Busbud makes your bus journey from Dundee to Edinburgh Airport as seamless as possible. You can easily check bus schedules, prices, and book your tickets online. If you are traveling with a group, book your tickets in advance to save money and avoid lines. You can also choose to include nearby airports in your search, as this can often reduce the cost of your ticket.


Taking a taxi from Dundee to Edinburgh Airport is a convenient way to travel. Taxis are available at the airport 24/7, and they provide door-to-door service, making the trip to your destination fast and easy. They also offer a variety of additional services, including meet and greet service and flexible pickup times.

Edinburgh Airport is Scotland’s busiest airport, and the 6th-busiest in the UK. Located 13 kilometers (8 miles) west of Edinburgh city center, EDI offers an array of domestic and international flights. The airport also boasts an extensive range of shops and restaurants, from coffee and tea to takeaway food, as well as a selection of wines and spirits. Its duty-free is particularly popular, offering travelers the opportunity to purchase a wide range of items from famous brands.

Whether you are travelling alone or in a group, taxis from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrews are the most convenient and comfortable way to get there. Private taxis provide door-to-door service and are available 24/7. They also offer a variety of extra services that public transport can’t match, including VIP handling and meet and greet.

You can book a taxi through the Uber app or by calling a company directly. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions about your ride’s pickup point and location. If you’re at the airport, look for an Uber sign near your terminal or at the airport’s rideshare pick-up area. In most cases, the driver will be able to verify your identity when you arrive at your pickup point.

The cost of the ride is based on the distance and time traveled, and you may be charged extra for luggage. You should check the details of each provider’s terms and conditions before booking. For example, some companies will charge a fixed price for the journey to Edinburgh Airport, while others will use the taximeter and charge additional fees for waiting time. FindTransfers is a great way to compare quotes and book a taxi to or from EDI. Enter your journey at the top of this page to start receiving offers from local transfer companies.

Private Transfer

Enjoy a stress-free start to your vacation with a private transfer from Edinburgh Airport (EDI) to your hotel in Dundee. Your professional driver will meet you directly at the airport, help you with your luggage, and take you to your hotel in a comfortable vehicle. This option is ideal for business travellers, couples, families, or groups of friends travelling together. It’s easy to book and includes a fixed price, door-to-door service, and flexible pickup times.

The busiest airport in Scotland, Edinburgh Airport serves flights to 157 destinations around the world. Pass through the terminals to explore restaurants, shops, and lounges that offer complimentary Wi-Fi and snacks. While you’re waiting for your flight, check out the Scottish History Museum or catch a show at the Festival Theatre. You can also visit one of the numerous outdoor gardens and parks, or head to the city center on a hop-on hop-off tour.

If you want to hear commentary on the city’s top sights, opt for a sightseeing tour that lets you jump on and off at multiple stops. The open-top double-decker buses stop at landmarks like the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, and more. Tickets are valid for 24 hours from your first use, and you can choose to travel the entire route or explore several stops.

Journey through the stunning Scottish Highlands on a full-day excursion from Edinburgh. Explore Glencoe, the village made famous as a setting for James Bond and Harry Potter films, or go on a boat cruise upon Loch Ness to search for the mythical monster. Your guide will provide detailed information about the region’s history and culture as you ride through the Trossachs National Park to Callander, “Gateway to the Highlands.”

Once your airport transfer is booked, you’ll receive an e-ticket in your email inbox. Keep it handy, as it contains your pick-up time and location, as well as other important details. If you’re travelling with children or have a lot of luggage, it’s recommended that you request a larger vehicle when booking.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your provider at the number provided in your e-ticket. You can also ask your provider to adjust the pickup and drop-off time if you need to change your plans. Your driver will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

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