Future of Solar Energy Jobs and Opportunities 2023

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The following years are crucial for the solar energy sector, both for the government and the industry, due to the growing interest in this renewable energy and its use. It is also important because, despite significant growth, the industry still needs to achieve the set target of 100 GW renewables.

Governments worldwide offer extensive support for this in terms of policies and subsidies. This enables the industry to offer solar energy at a low cost, but it does not lower the cost for the industry itself.

There are different reasons behind it, such as:

  • Lower capitalization
  • Limited access to official finance
  • Lower margins and
  • A weak manufacturing system

With all these lacunas and a high target to achieve, industries and governments now focus more on the rather undersold aspect of the solar industry sector- solar energy jobs.

Opportunities and Prospects

This specific factor has increased the opportunities and prospects of Solar Jobs worldwide in 2023 and beyond, making it a better option. This particular sector and the jobs offered prove to be beneficial in different ways, such as:

  • It helps the country to move towards a greener economy.
  • It helps the governments trim down poverty in the rural sector.
  • It creates a new surge of entrepreneurs who want to make profits from solar power.


Taking a look at the statistics will be good at this point. The global jobs scenario is expected to change drastically over a couple of years, says a report by IRENA or the International Renewable Energy Agency. According to them, more than a million jobs are expected annually globally.

However, the scenario may be different in some countries. They say that the government of every country needs to ensure ease in doing business. Ease of access to finance, subsidy payments, and red tape relaxation are some factors that will attract more and more businesses towards it and thereby create more Solar Jobs.

This will open newer segments apart from the traditional rooftop installation to create more possibilities, including manufacturing solar tiles and robotics.

The Job Areas

The opportunities in the solar sector are endless, creating jobs in different areas. This includes:

  • Research and business development
  • Sales and purchasing
  • Supervisory and administrative positions
  • Quality control
  • Logistics
  • Accounting
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Dealer councils and more

In addition, recruitments will also be made in other fields, such as:

  • Product Management
  • Corporate Finance and
  • Project managers
  • Engineers
  • Liaison officers and more

In short, it will create both blue and white-collar jobs, labor and service-oriented jobs, and unskilled and semi-skilled jobs.

In-demand Jobs

With such a vast periphery, there will be different types of jobs offered to the seekers, and some of them are already in high demand.

It includes:

  • Solar PV installers:

Solar PV or Photovoltaic installers design, mount, and maintain these systems that connect to the electric grid, depending on the characteristics of the site, availability of sunlight, and location of the structure.

  • Sales reps:

They are the single-point contact between the company and commercial or residential customers. They evaluate the site and feasibility, provide estimates, funding options, and clear queries of the customers.

  • Service technicians:

They care for and maintain PV systems to keep them functional by diagnosing and repairing issues with advanced tools.

  • Fleet managers:

Their job mainly is to oversee operations involving equipment setup, repair, and maintenance and may even evaluate each technician’s performance based on different performance metrics.

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  • Site assessors:

They prepare drawings of sites for analysis and prepare a report for the same, which includes roof conditions, electrical systems, weather patterns, and shade analysis.

  • Quality assurance specialists:

They are responsible for maintaining the standards of the equipment and components so that they exceed customer expectations. They test environmental samples, raw materials used, and finished products.

  • Material scientists:

They examine the chemical properties of the equipment materials and develop better technologies to improve them.

  • Project managers:

They are the ones that handle one or multiple projects at the same time with precise planning and execution. They are also responsible for communication and resource management. In addition, there are lots of other Solar Jobs on offer.

The Prospects

The assessment of the demand for solar energy and its supply, coupled with the market trends, experts think that apart from creating many opportunities, Solar Jobs are also very high prospects.

This is due to the different promising factors of the market itself. These include:

  • Rapid growth assurance
  • Greater job diversification
  • Lack of skilled workers
  • Changes in state and central government policies and
  • Rise in investment in this particular sector

All these offer significant benefits to job seekers, including promotion, sustainability, job security, and competitive remuneration.


Solar jobs offer professional and personal contentment and a bright future. Now is the right time to join this fast-evolving dynamic sector.

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