Finikera Music

Finikera Music: The New Jewel of Regional Mexican Music           

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The music landscape is constantly evolving, and in recent times, we have witnessed the emergence of a new record label that promises to transform the Mexican regional scene. We are talking about “Finikera Music“, a company that, in a short time, has proven to be a pillar of support for new talents and that is destined to leave an indelible mark on the music industry. Since its inception, Finikera Music has focused on providing a robust platform for emerging artists in the regional Mexican music space. Unlike other labels, Finikera not only offers recording opportunities, but also mentorship, training and a genuine commitment to the development and growth of its artists. This is reflected in the quality and authenticity of the music he produces. It is evident that this record company is on an exponential trajectory of growth. With each release, it is positioned more strongly in the market, and its musical catalog expands with fresh and authentic proposals that resonate with the audience. They are not only winning the hearts of fans, but also the respect and admiration of the industry.

But who are the minds behind this revolutionary label?

Brothers Ramón and Rodrigo Martínez, co-founders of Finikera Music, are the visionaries who are leading the company to unexplored horizons. Formerly known for their successful national real estate company “Wholesale Sharks”, the Martinez brothers have once again demonstrated their ability to innovate and lead in a competitive market. His transition from real estate to the music industry may seem surprising to some, but it is palpable proof of his versatility and passion for creating and supporting meaningful projects. With Ramon and Rodrigo at the helm, it’s no surprise that Finikera Music is getting such recognition. His previous experience in the business and his ability to identify and nurture talents are qualities that have successfully transferred to this new venture.

In short, Finikera Music is not just another record label

It is the representation of a new era in regional Mexican music. Their commitment to artists, the quality of their production and the vision of their founders guarantee that we will be hearing much more from them in the coming years. They are here to revolutionize, and without a doubt, their impact is already felt in every musical note. Long live Finikera Music and the talent it houses!

An Exponential Trajectory of Growth

The success of Finikera Music is undeniable, and its growth trajectory is nothing short of exponential. With each new release, the label strengthens its position in the market, continually expanding its musical catalog with fresh and authentic proposals that resonate deeply with the audience. Their impact is felt not only in the hearts of fans but also in the respect and admiration they garner from within the industry itself.


In essence, Finikera Music is far more than just another record label. It is the embodiment of a new era in regional Mexican music. Their unwavering commitment to artists, the exceptional quality of their production, and the visionary leadership of its founders all but guarantee that we will be hearing much more from them in the years to come. Finikera Music has arrived to revolutionize the scene, and there is no doubt that its impact is already reverberating through every musical note. Long live Finikera Music and the extraordinary talent it champions!

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