Facebook Touch – An Alternative to the Regular Facebook App

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Facebook Touch is a web-based app that allows you to access your account through an Internet browser. It uses fewer phone resources than the mobile page and loads media quicker and better than the standard app.

It was created by H5 which was later acquired by Lighthouse and is now available for Android devices. Here are some of its key features:

Easy to use

Facebook touch is a web-based version of the social media network that works on most mobile devices. It has a smooth design and an easy-to-use interface. It also allows you to access different features within the platform.

Unlike the standard app, it uses fewer resources on your phone and requires less memory storage space. This means you can use it longer without draining your battery or using unnecessary data.

In addition, Facebook Touch loads videos and images in a better resolution than the standard site. This means that you can watch pixelated videos with friends on a high-quality screen!

The Facebook Touch app also works well with sluggish internet connections. It can be a lifesaver if you’re stuck in a spot with poor mobile reception.

Streamlined for touchscreen devices

Facebook is a huge platform that has an immense user base. This is because of its user-friendly features and interface.

To cater to this huge user base, Facebook introduced a streamlined version for touchscreen devices which is known as Facebook touch or FB touch. It is a web-based Facebook application that works smoothly even on low-end phones or devices with slower Internet connections.

This is because it doesn’t use many resources. It loads the website quickly and uses a lot less RAM, memory, and Internet bandwidth as compared to the native Facebook app.

It also loads photos or movies faster in the browser but uses fewer data as compared to the standard Facebook app. This results in a much more streamlined interface that doesn’t have any clunky buttons, cut-off images, or anything else that would disrupt your experience.

It also has a lower chance of crashing your phone or application. It is ideal for those who prefer online programs, speedy performance, and good audiovisuals.


Facebook touch is designed specifically for touchscreen phones and was created by H5 (now known as Lighthouse). The app will run faster, use fewer data, and work better on devices with lower-resolution screens.

It also works well on older Android and iOS devices with slower Internet connections. The app has a more user-friendly interface and is easier to navigate.

In addition, it uses a web browser and doesn’t require as much energy as the standard Facebook app does. This allows it to work faster get the proper information from Ideal News Tech, use less data, and run better on devices with a limited range of memory or battery.

One of the most notable differences between Facebook Touch and mobile apps is that images, movies, and other media load into your browser a lot quicker. This is thanks to H5’s programming, which is optimized for Internet connection speeds. This will allow Facebook Touch to load pictures and videos in a higher resolution with little or no stuttering or other issues.

More secure

Facebook Touch is an alternative to the regular app that has been available in the market since 2009. It was designed keeping in mind the touchscreen user base and hence it provides a more streamlined interface for mobile users.

Despite being a web-based application, it does not use a lot of RAM and Internet bandwidth as compared to the official Facebook app. In addition, it uses a lot fewer data for delivering high-resolution pictures and videos to its users.

The website also has a faster loading time than the app, thereby giving users a much faster and more efficient experience. Moreover, it is compatible with devices running on low-end platforms and works well on older phones as well.

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