Experience the Enchanting Beauty of Dayara Bugyal Trek

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Dayara Bugyal is every nature lover’s paradise. And right from malicious kids to old or elderly, all deserve a walk on these mighty meadows. Every camping site is unique in a way that is surrounded by alpine trees, unlike mountains.  The camping sites are very much beautiful and have mind blowing scenic beauty such that gleaming Shrikanth and Gangotri range form a perfect treat to the eyes.

Dayara Bugyal Trek is a good trek

The base camp of Dayara Bugyal Trek is Natin. Then the first campsite from Natin is Gui. To cover the distance from Natin to Gui, it takes around 3 to 4 hours approximately. The terrain or the trek trail is quite nice and the trek begins through the forest. The rocks are scattered everywhere and the meadows are quite steep to walk on. The grasslands are quite beautiful and the weather remains constant. The meadows of Gui are also beautiful. Anyone can see them when they reach there. Gui is mainly the first campsite.

The campsite is unique in a way,

as it is surrounded by alpine trees everywhere unlike the mountains. Every evening one can go for a small relaxable walk and enjoy the mesmerising view of the Himalayas and can watch the sunset. You can also see many quaint village huts and also a peaceful lake near the campsite which is Gui and is grazing along the Gangotri range and Shrikant peak is a perfect treat to your eyes. The second campsite of the Dayara Bugyal Trek is called Chilapada which is around approximately 3 hours away from the campsite Gui.

The terrain or the trek trail is quite good and not too much gain in altitude and also has a gradual ascend. The Dayara Bugyal trek is best suited for a group of friends, families, and even kids can cover the terrain of this Dayara Bugyal trek very easily with some effort. The bird watchers can treat their eyes full of unique and beautiful birds chirping around everywhere. The birds are mainly called Himalayan birds here which are very beautiful and mesmerising to watch.

So when trekking to Dayara Bugyal trek you can also observe and learn the art of pitching a tent and also you can pitch one with some help from your trek leader. One can have the best experience of living in mountains and also you can learn many different hacks and tricks while living in mountains like from using your rucksack as a pillow and then packing it up well, these are quite amazing. The campsites of Dayara Bugyal trek have unparalleled and breathtaking views. The Dayara Bugyal trek is also considered among one the best trek in list of trekking places or spots.

When you are living on mountains you must follow good health tips and proper diet to get fit and healthy as anyone can have mountain sickness. To prevent this type of sickness it is said to drink more and more water of at least 4 to 5 litres a day and also include dal, soup and tea in your diet every day. Also not only these but also one must take proper precautions like checking oxygen level everyday after eating in the evening and for that what you have to do.

The next step from Chilapada is the Dayara summit. While moving towards Dayara summit many trekkers have the request to see the sunrise from there so for that you have to start the trek from midnight itself. The meadows are covered with the lush green grasslands which are surrounded everywhere. After one reaches the summit of Dayara Bugyal trek they can see the beautiful Himalaya ranges which are Black peak which is 20955 feet, Bandarpunch which is 20722 feet, Gangotri I and Gangotri II are also visible whose height is 21900 feet.

Even Jaoli which is also visible and whose height is 21758 feet along with this DKD I and DKD II are also visible which is called Draupadi Ki Danda which is 18750 feet. The Dayara Bugyal trek is 12000 feet itself. During winters these green grasslands gets transformed into breathtaking snow covered meadows and this place becomes a winter wonderland. Couples can also soak in the magnificent sights and bond better in the mountains. 

Enjoy Yourself in the Har Ki Dun Trek’s Wilderness

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