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Everything You Want To Know About Ruby Stone

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Ruby is a blood-red colour stone that has the hearts of people all around the world. It is a precious gemstone with high prices depending upon the stone’s quality. Many stones are found in red, but Ruby always comes to mind when discussing red gems. The impression of this stone stays in mind forever when one witnesses it. The Ruby Stone belongs to the corundum mineral family. They come in various shades, shapes, and sizes. Let us read more about this gemstone in detail. 

Properties Of Ruby

Ruby, the most sought gemstone, is the king of jewels in the gem world. It is known as Ratanraj or Manik in Hindi. The reason behind this is the lustre, colour, and allure. Ruby looks exceptional when set into gold, platinum, or rose gold. Apart from that, Ruby has the ability to make the person look attractive. It enhances the overall personality of the person, glittering with their attire. In addition, it provides the wearer with lots of healing energies as it fetches power from the sun. It especially helps to get financially strong and step up the ladder of success.  

Rubies Are Specially Made For? Let’s Know 

Ruby gemstones are the birthstone for the ones born in the month of July. Wearing the original and certified ruby gemstone brings good luck and self-confidence, enriching your passion and creative ability. For the ones initiating their new ventures, this stone will become their good luck and allow them to live their life to the fullest, as Ruby is the symbol of royalty, wisdom and fortune. 

According to Hindi or Indian astrology, the Manik stone is worn by the ones who have ‘Pitar dosh’ in their birth chart. It is believed that wearing it will enhance communication and allow the person to speak from their heart. This gem’s natural power absorbs the sun’s radiation, stimulating the human body’s chakras. Moreover, it protects the wearer from evil eyes and negative energies.   

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Why Should You Wear It?

If you are not July born or are not recommended to wear the ruby stone for astrology purposes, then also you can wear it. Ruby is one of the most beautiful stones, which makes you look gorgeous. A single ornament can even enhance your overall personality. Wherever you will go, everyone will be catching over your jewelry pieces. Apart from the beauty, it is already a healing stone, bringing positive vibes into your life and allowing you to do the best of yourself. From health to wealth, it will show its magic to you.  

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How To Buy Ruby Gemstone

If you are planning to buy a ruby gemstone, then there are a few things which you need to keep in your mind before making your purchase:

  1. The colour of the stone should always be Pigeon blood ruby, as the stone belongs to the corundum mineral family. However, it comes in other shades of red and pink but is of less value.
  2. Check the origin of ruby, and it would be great if it belonged to Burma Ruby Stone, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.
  3. The Ruby stone price starts from Rs. 4000 and can extend to even lakhs. 

Where To Get The Ruby Stone From? 

To buy the best Ruby stone, you can check out Navratan, the online gem Bazar website. It is the best website to buy precious gemstones, as they provide you with certified gemstones. You can trust them and order your collection online, saving you a lot of time travelling and exploring different stores. Explore the website, and you will find wide different Type of gemstones which are certified by SSEF, GRS, GIA, and Gubelin. So, order your certified Manik stone today. Have a great time shopping!


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