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Essential Tips to Hire Swimming Pool Contractors

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A swimming pool is an excellent feature in a backyard which transforms the space into a unique and beautiful private oasis. Most people enjoy relaxing by the pool and hosting parties around it. In the summer, homeowners like to construct pools to cool off in the hot weather, improve the property’s value and design a soothing, functional and attractive backyard.

But swimming pools are costly projects, and their successful set-up depends heavily on hiring reliable, reputed and experienced pool contractors. The right pool expert can be selected online, like for Burleigh Pools Gold Coast.

However, not all contractors provide the same level and quality of service. With so many pool construction companies, homeowners are likely to be confused and overwhelmed. Following are some tips to select a contractor for constructing a pool of your dreams:

Get details in writing

One thing is to find a good pool contractor, but a more crucial task is to come to terms with all the details of the project that you have discussed mutually. While consulting the contractor, discuss all details step by step, like preparation of the site, excavation work, equipment needed, design of landscaping and pool, costs of repair and maintenance, manpower required, the time necessary for the completion of work, permissions or permits needed and the price quoted as well as a schedule of payment.

You must get all such details down in a written format for the future protection of both you and the contractor. The contractor may be requested to provide a standard format if they have any, which can be customised for completing the proposed job.

Ascertain insurance details

It is always good to expect the best and be prepared for the worst. As part of discussions with the pool contractor, one crucial element is the company’s insurance details. In case the pool project is extensive and expensive, you may need insurance to cover damage to your property during the process of constructing the pool and a warranty after completion of the project.

The contractor should carry liability insurance for property damage and workmen’s compensation because a pool project needs heavy equipment and manpower to complete the work. Request for written proof of these and ensure that insurance is up to date.


It is good to hire a contractor with much experience in accomplishing different pool projects and staying up to date with the latest technological innovations. This can significantly impact pool quality, creativity, design, handling of unforeseen issues and efficient execution of pool projects from start to finish. After all, the construction of pools needs skills and expertise that can be acquired only with years of hard work.


It is critical to hire a trustworthy and honest contractor. Only they can guide you while planning your landscape according to current building and zoning laws. Seek referrals from colleagues and friends who own pools you fancy, or ask for online reviews about your chosen contractor.


To get the pool of your dreams, it is important that the contractor can express their artistry through the work on the project. Before finalising the project, go through the gallery of their past work. One can also consult former customers of the contractor about whether they were satisfied with the creativity and finesse of the Burleigh Pools construction work.

Management of time

A big hole in the pocket can be caused by a waste of time and any delays. Ensure that the contractor has provided a proper time schedule right from the stage of planning to the completion of the project. Note whether the written plan has mentioned all timelines for various stages like excavation, drainage plumbing, and installation of fencing and tiles.

Discuss payment

It is a huge red flag when the contractor demands complete fees of construction upfront before the start of the project. Having said that, there is no need for alarm if the company demands a reasonable sum as a down payment at the start. It is good to discuss whether any additional charges have to be paid in case of unforeseen factors like global pandemics or weather delays. Discuss modes of payment with the completion of each stage of the project, like credit card payment which can prove as a cushion in the event of future disputes.

Check references

It is good to seek reviews and recommendations from former or current customers of the pool contractor. Enquire their timeliness, performance, quality of work, condition of tools and equipment used, price charged etc. After zeroing down to 2 to 3 companies, you can make quick reference calls and gather all information required to make an informed decision.

Seek recommendations

To find the right contractor, one must ask family, friends and acquaintances to check whether someone can recommend a good pool contractor. One can set feelers on social media like Burleigh Pools on Twitter. With this online research, you may strike it rich to find a great pool builder in your locality.

Take time to get authentic recommendations since the more consultations you conduct, the better your chance is to find a good professional contractor. Do not settle for the first few companies that come your way, but do detailed research.

In sum, before hiring a pool contractor, consider all the above points to make a wise choice. Typically, the contractor must possess a valid license, have extensive experience and display professionalism. Note that swimming pools cost a fortune; therefore, you must not leave any stone unturned in the process of hiring professionals.

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