Entrepreneur’s Guide to Food Photography

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“Food Photography” is a type of photography that specializes in taking pictures of food items. This kind of photography can either be Professional or Amateur depending on who will be using them and for what purpose. Both have their place in the world but for an entrepreneur it’s worth knowing the difference.

First of all what is Amateur Food Photography:

“Amateur” may not necessarily describe the Foodfotografie skill level of the person taking the picture but rather the final look of the shot. A few things give away amateur shots. Namely, poor lighting conditions, lack of subject focus and style, lower resolution pictures, the apparent lack of understanding of basic photography principles among others.

In informal situations, people tend to use more amateur pictures. Some circumstances include social media postings, Instagram pictures, twitter tweets. In the above situations, amateur level photos are acceptable. Use them only when professional quality is not the norm.

Now let’s talk about Professional Food Photography.

Being called professional entails a higher standard of expectation. This is the type of photography your business deserves. Let’s take a look at a couple of simple factors that take amateur photography into professional territory. And again we are not defining the person behind the lens but rather the actual output.

Point 1: Professional Shots Are Properly Lit

Not necessarily super bright, even darkly lit shots can be considered proper. What I mean is the light is purposely crafted and shaped upon the subject to achieve its purpose. Again, the keyword here is “purpose.”

Let’s say your purpose is to make a picture for a fast-food restaurant’s board menu. Something clean and simple for clarity. The photographer can then decide from this purpose. He can put the food front and center under big bright strobes on a plain white background. There are more options or approaches to consider, but this is certainly one way that works.

Point 2: Professional Shots Are Properly Styled and Composed

At this point, everyone has heard the term “Rule of Thirds.” Along with the “Golden Ratio” these two are powerful tools. One good tip as it pertains to Food Photography is to take a picture like you are looking down on it on your plate. This perspective, makes you feel like you are about to enjoy the food and brings it closer to you.

Most Food Photographers work with “Food Stylists” Gesunde und schnelle Rezepte whose job it is to make sure the food looks good. Good lighting cannot make a bad subject good. You need to make sure people will want your food when they see it.

I hope that with this information you will be able to decide on the type of photography you need for your business.

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