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Do you need to build an online presence for your business? Don’t know where to get started? No issues, we at Bobby T Marketing are here to help you out.

First and foremost, while building a website, it’s crucial to have a website. Yes, a website matters a lot. It is more important than having social media accounts. I know you might be confused that while you have been focusing a lot on digital marketing and social media, a website is also equally important for a business.

A Web Development Company in Ontario, provides you with all the facilities that you need to build a stunning website. Our developers at Bobby T Marketing not only create websites that look aesthetically pleasing but are also strategically designed to boost your services. Our websites are built to last and require minimum support and maintenance.

In this blog, I would like to discuss our company, Bobby T Marketing, our services, and what makes us different from any other Web Development Company in Ontario.

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  • Services provided by Bobby T Marketing
  • What makes us the best Web Development Company in Ontario?
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About Bobby T Marketing

Bobby T Marketing is a leading Website Development Company in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

We provide solutions that cater to the targeted audience and highly benefit the customers.

We believe that our team of skilled developers and designers tries to understand the client’s vision and then works accordingly. Then we create a systematic workflow that is followed throughout the project. After the workflow is decided upon, you are given a proper date and estimated time of completion for your project. Our project manager gives you a brief introduction to our developers and the value they bring to your project.

Next, the work on your project is completed under the guidance of our project manager. Meanwhile, you are provided with the contact details of the project manager to keep in contact. You can easily contact us and ask for updates regarding your website.

We at Bobby T Marketing follow a policy of transparency with our customers. For the same reason, we try to keep you aware of all the milestones achieved during the project. Just in case, a client wants any changes, we do the same without any extra charge. We value your time and money and expect to make it worth it.

Apart from this, after your functioning website is handed over to you, you are given a 6-month guarantee from the best Website Development Company in Richmond Hill, Ontario. We also provide support and maintenance after the guarantee period is over, but that is charged differently.

Services provided by Bobby T Marketing

  • Website Development

In layman’s language, Web Development refers to all the procedures that are involved in building a website. It is not only limited to building it but rather involves maintaining and upgrading a website at regular intervals of time to ensure its optimal functionality.

We provide Front-End, Back-End, and Full-Stack Web Development services. We create different kinds of websites for E-Commerce, Corporates, Sale Funnels, etc.

We use software like HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Node.Js, WordPress, Laravel, Angular, React, and Vue to create websites.

  • Web Service Development and Integration

Designing a brand new website or redesigning an old one can be both time-consuming and expensive, not only in the short run but also in the long run. That’s why we rely on our team of experienced web designers. 

Our extraordinary designs are responsive and SEO-friendly. Our professional UI/UX Designers use software like HTML, Word Press, SEO, Adobe Dreamweaver, InVision Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch to develop websites that are not only good but also strategically designed.

  • WordPress Theme Development

Our team at Bobby T Marketing is well-versed in WordPress websites. WordPress Themes are part of the front end of the website, i.e., the part that is visible to the users. Themes specify the layout of the site and how users can navigate through it.

Our developers are skilled and comfortable working with the WordPress API. For developing WordPress Themes, we use different frameworks like Genesis, Thesis, Avada, Redux Framework, etc.

  • WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress has a core functionality that runs all WordPress-driven websites. This functionality cannot be changed, but that does not mean that the features of a WordPress website cannot be changed. They can be easily changed and made more accessible by adding Plugins to the site.

We create customized WordPress Plugins that match our client’s exact vision. We ensure that website users have a pleasant browsing experience.

  • Extension Development

We develop extensions that maximize user engagement and amplify businesses. For business owners, form filling, automatic email, chatbots, and automatic recruitment of workers are significant, and we develop extensions for the same.

We develop extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Chat GPT, Figma, Safari, Magento, Elementor, wooCommerce, and Beaver Builder.

What makes us the best Web Development Company in Ontario?

Our team at Bobby T Marketing will help you unlock the real potential of your business by developing an impactful online presence. We believe in organic traffic, and so do the websites we create.

The best Website Development Company in Ontario ensures that the entire technical aspect of a website is perfectly managed and guarantees a smooth browsing experience for the users. It’s our responsibility to take care of every little detail to increase engagement and boost conversions.

Our core expertise is in Web Development, WordPress Development, UI/UX Designing, and Extension Development.

Contact Us

If you want to drive sales for your business in the long run, we’re the perfect match for you. Reach out to us today to benefit from our digital services and stop missing out on all the engagement.

Contact us at +1(416) 400-2847 or mail us at info@bobbytmarketing.com 

Our address is 8 Grover Hill Ave., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

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