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Elevate Your Latte Art With Nangs Melbourne

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Creating a Whirlpool

Melbourne isn’t just a city – it’s a culture, a vibe, and a way of life. That’s why cream charger tanks aren’t just kitchen tools here – they’re an integral part of the pulsating energy that goes into crafting those Instagram-worthy latte creations. A , or whipped cream charger, is a small metal canister that contains nitrous oxide (N2O). When filled with cream and screwed onto a dispenser, it pressurizes the dispenser, creating air bubbles in the liquid to create a whipped cream texture.

When used properly, a Nang can create beautiful patterns in your coffee and elevate your latte art to new heights. To learn more about how to use a Nang, check out this quick and easy guide. You’ll be whipping up delectable dollops of foam in no time!

Nangs Melbourne


The contrast between the milk and espresso is a key aspect of latte art, and it is often what distinguishes a good barista from a great one. The key to good contrast is using the right amount of steam and ensuring that the foam is evenly dispersed throughout the beverage. A well-trained barista can produce stunning visual effects by varying the amount of steam they use and where they place it on top of the coffee.

The whipped cream effect that is created by nitrous oxide, commonly known as Nangs Melbourne, is also essential for a quality finish. These small, metal canisters contain a pressurized gas, which when combined with the heat of the milk creates air bubbles and foam. The nangs are then inserted into the port of the espresso machine to release the gas and create a spectacular finish.

Mastering the basics of free-pour latte art takes practice and dedication. To start with, you should focus on establishing your milk texture. Once you have mastered the four most common patterns, you can move on to other techniques such as wiggling the milk to make flowing waves in your design, or stacking shapes into or on top of each other to create multi-layered designs. Finally, you should remember to purge your steam wand after each use to avoid a build-up of milk in the nozzle.

The Right Temperature

When a barista is making a latte, the milk needs to be at the right temperature. The perfect temperature is between 55 and 62 degrees Celsius. If the milk is too hot, it will lose its texture and denaturize the proteins. This will not only ruin the taste of the coffee, but it will also prevent a good whirlpool from forming. The temperature should be just below boiling to avoid burning the milk.

Having the right temperature is essential, but so is the pressure of the pour. The ideal amount of pressure is 1-2 bars. This means that the force of the wand is pushing down on the surface, but not enough to cause the milk to overflow and lose its shape.

Another thing to consider when doing a latte art is contrast. The contrast between the white of the milk and the dark brown crema will draw the eye and make it pop. Try experimenting with different contrasts to see what you like the most.

A number of Nangs Melbourne delivery services are popping up in Melbourne, promoting their products through Instagram and TikTok, and on websites easily found with a simple Google search. While most of these businesses claim that they follow state laws and insist that they only sell nangs for use in baking, some have refused to confirm whether their customers have a valid baker’s license or otherwise offer proof that the cartridges are being used correctly.

The Right Pressure

A Nangs Melbourne is a small steel cartridge used to inject nitrous oxide (N2O) into whipped cream. It is widely used by professional chefs and home bakers. The canisters are regulated as food-grade, making them legal to purchase in most grocery stores. However, they have been increasingly popular as a recreational drug for adults.

A recent investigation found that nangs are now being sold through social media, with some retailers offering 24/7 delivery across major cities. For instance, a Queensland police department said that while the canisters themselves aren’t illegal, it is against the law to promote them for unauthorized use. In a response to the investigation, Oz Nangs said that they “don’t advertise for nangs to be used other than in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions”.

In fact, some of these businesses explicitly state this in their terms and conditions. They also claim to not sell the canisters to anyone under 18. While Nangs Melbourne have become popular for recreational drug use, they are not the same as harder party drugs like MDMA or LSD.

To get the best results from a nang, it is important to maintain the right balance of pressure and temperature. Too much pressure and the milk will destabilase, resulting in an uneven froth. On the other hand, too little pressure and the milk will skim across the top of the crema instead of sinking into it to create a design.

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