Dubai Holiday Packages: Customize Your Dream Vacation

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As a budget traveler, you might believe you must spend a fortune to plan your Dubai vacation. However, Roaming Routes offers the best Dubai holiday packages from India, starting at only Rs 38,500! Yes, you read it right.

And the best part is Roaming Routes allows you to customize your dream vacation at the best prices. No matter what you are planning:

  • a romantic honeymoon experience
  • a solo traveler searching for budget-friendly packages
  • a family looking for the best Dubai family holiday packages

you can get everything only with Roaming Routes.

With years of experience in international holiday packages, Roaming Routes ensures you have a holiday to treasure for a lifetime. The packages we offer are flexible and adjust to your needs.

  • Do you want to experience a luxurious resort holiday? We can book your accommodation in one of the available.
  • Do you love adventure? We will create Dubai all-inclusive packages with action-packed activities!
  • Want to visit Abu Dhabi? We have packages, including a visit to Abu Dhabi and attractions.

In short, no matter what your dream vacation is, Roaming Routes is responsible for curating the perfect Dubai Tour Packages for you.

Why Customize Dubai Holiday Packages?

The packages we offer at Roaming Routes range from affordable to luxurious. Further, these packages give you an idea of what you can experience in Dubai. We understand that you might have something in your mind for your dream vacation.

Whether it is shopping, a stay in a luxurious hotel, trying skydiving, or visiting a few destinations, we understand your every need. Hence, our travel experts are here even to curate your vacation from scratch, considering the budget constraints.

Also, Dubai has a lot to offer, and the list is endless. The famous landmarks, the beaches, the Dhow Cruise ride, a dinner at a 5-star hotel, great nightlife, the charm of Old Dubai, and what now.

Moreover, we know Dubai is a dream destination for everybody. And we know you put your hard-earned money into an international vacation. Hence, we offer Dubai travel packages so you can have a great time here.

Our customizable packages help you plan a vacation that can help you make the most of what Dubai offers. Hence, if you are planning a Dubai vacation, let us know. Don’t just go for standard packages. We will understand your unique needs and help you create a package only for you.

Things To Keep In Mind When Customizing Your Dubai Packages

We understand the excitement you have when planning your dream vacation to Dubai. However, when curating your Dubai all-inclusive packages or honeymoon packages, you should keep a few things in mind.

So this helps to ensure that you stay within your budget and only add to your packages those things you are interested in. Hence, whenever you are planning your holiday with any travel operator, note these things:

1. Budget

The most important thing is, of course, your budget, and it matters as you are planning your dream holiday. Have a budget in mind and know your limits. Understand to what extent you can increase your budget, and don’t try to exceed it.

So, when customizing Dubai holiday packages, you can stay within your budget by:

  • booking your stay in a 3-star or 4-star hotel
  • look for affordable restaurants for dining
  • opt for public transit options to travel around Dubai
  • shop in Old Dubai at the souks and Meena Bazaar

We hope this can help to stay within your budget.

2. Plan a clear itinerary

Dubai is one of those destinations where it often pays off handsomely if you know precisely what sights and experiences you’d like to include on your trip agenda.

Although most holiday packages around here are likely to involve Desert Safaris by default, be sure that whatever customized package options are selected also incline towards enhancing your unique interests and preferences.

3. Optimize Transit Logistics

Careful consideration is required when it comes to planning logistics such as travel arrangements within Dubai itself. Typically included in many holiday packages are transfer services between airports and hotels plus sightseeing tours around town; however, don’t dismiss the option of using public transit systems or hiring other forms of transport for greater flexibility in organizing an itinerary tailored directly towards what excites you most.


We at Roaming Routes specialize in helping you create the trip of a lifetime. Tell us what you’re hoping to experience and we’ll make sure every detail is taken care of with the utmost care and attention. Why wait? Start your vacation planning, meanwhile, we can start with your Visa requirements.

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