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Discover Renowned Universities in Melbourne and Sydney: Best-Ranked Student Cities

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Australian Universities’ standings in global academic rankings and employment opportunities underscore its educational excellence. The country’s lively cities and towns create secure, hospitable, and friendly environments for international students. Yet, when deciding to study abroad, individuals often focus solely on universities and overlook the significance of the surrounding towns, job opportunities, and overall quality of life.

In this article, we present a list of Australian universities, with a specific focus on those situated in the vibrant student cities of Melbourne and Sydney – Australian cities ranked in the list of top 10 student cities in the world for international students. By choosing these institutions, you can enjoy a well-rounded experience by combining world-class education with the lively lifestyles of these celebrated Australian cities.

Top Ranked Student Cities in Australia QS World Student Cities Ranking – 2024 Popular Universities

4th – University of Melbourne

– Monash University

– RMIT University
– Deakin University

7th – University of Sydney
– University of New South Wales
– Macquarie University
– Western Sydney University


  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne

Located in the heart of Melbourne, RMIT is a well-respected and one of the largest global universities in Australia that is known for its excellent teaching in various fields like Art and Design, Architecture, Education, Engineering, Development, Computer Science, IT, Business Management, and Media and Communications. RMIT has three main campuses in Melbourne, and it has a presence internationally with two campuses in Vietnam and an R&D hub in Spain. Moreover, RMIT has partnerships with 140 institutions across Europe and Asia providing online courses for the students.

Ranked 140th in the world according to the QS World University rankings for 2024. Their motto, ‘A skilled hand, a cultivated mind,’ reflects their commitment to offering 185 courses in both bachelor’s and master’s programs. With a wide array of student clubs and societies, as well as a global alumni network of thousands of students placed across various countries in the world, RMIT provides opportunities to connect, make friends, and develop valuable skills for future job prospects.

  • Macquarie University, Sydney

In the vibrant city of Sydney where meets the sun, sea and towering skyscrapers, you will find Macquarie University, a renowned global educational institution. This university’s impressive global ranking at 130th as per QSWR 2024 is a testament to its exceptional teaching, strong industry connections, flexible curriculum, and the promising job opportunities it offers to graduates. With selection options from 496 bachelor’s programs and 215 programs to study masters in Australia, spanning various academic fields, Macquarie University provides a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience.

With a vast campus spanning 126 hectares in Sydney and an additional campus at Wallumattagal, the university hosts a diverse community of over 45,000 students, including more than 10,000 international students, alongside a teaching faculty of over 3,000 members from across the globe. This rich cultural exchange enhances students’ learning experiences, offering them valuable insights from diverse backgrounds. Beyond its global ranking, Macquarie University proudly holds the 8th position in Australia for post-graduation employment outcomes, thanks to its partnerships with over 300 industry partners both on-campus and within its innovation precinct.


In summary, beyond offering outstanding higher education to a multitude of international students, both Melbourne and Sydney shine on the global stage for their infrastructure, fashion, entertainment, events, tourist attractions, cultural diversity, culinary delights, efficient public transportation, healthcare, and much more. The presence of respected institutions like RMIT and Macquarie University in these cities adds to their appeal. Australia’s well-developed economy also promises ample job opportunities. To secure admission to one of Australia’s top universities, it’s wise to seek guidance from expert study abroad consultants who can facilitate a smooth transition to this sun-kissed nation.

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