Credit Cards for Travellers: Benefits and Best Practises

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Have you ever fantasized about traveling the globe, discovering new locations, and immersing yourself in diverse cultures? Well, here’s some great news. Travel credit cards are the best to help you explore diverse landscapes without draining your money. They are unique and offer several advantages. 

You can enjoy exclusive advantages and security benefits by getting a travel credit card. But remember that you should have a good credit score to get a travel credit card. You can check the credit score from a Cibil score App. This article will discuss the benefits of travel credit cards and explain how to use them best.

Significant Benefits of Travel Credit Cards

Like all credit cards, you need a good credit score to get a travel credit card and enjoy its benefits. They have several benefits. Let’s discuss them.

Elite Hotel Memberships:

Some travel credit cards offer entry to exclusive hotel memberships, providing advantages like room upgrades and special reductions at participating hotels, enhancing your hotel experience.

Entry to Airport Lounges:

Certain travel credit cards provide:

  • Entry to international and domestic airport lounges
  • Offering complimentary food and drinks
  • Comfortable seating
  • Wi-Fi

It allows you to relax and unwind before your flight. 

Domestic and Travel Miles/Vouchers: 

Most travel credit cards reward you with domestic and travel miles or coupons that can be redeemed for flights, hotel bookings, and other travel expenses. It helps you save money and make your travel more affordable.

Fuel Surcharge:

Certain travel credit cards eliminate or decrease fuel surcharges when renting a vehicle, helping you save money on fuel expenses while traveling. 

Railway Lounge Access: 

Specific travel credit cards provide entry to railway lounges, which offer a pleasant and practical area with seating, Wi-Fi, and refreshments while you wait for your train.

Best Practices for Leveraging the Benefits of Travel Credit Cards

You can get any credit card and enjoy its benefits with a good credit score. To be more precise to the point, travel credit cards offer several benefits to cardholders. Let’s discuss how you can use them effectively.

Travel Aggregators/Online Travel Platforms:

Travel credit cards have partnerships with specific online travel aggregators. You can avail of the promotions provided by these cards by booking through these travel aggregators. It is one of the significant benefits of travel credit cards. Before getting a travel card, assess the convenience of using that card, have a good credit score, and understand each promotion offered by the travel aggregators. 

For example, certain cards extend concessions for both airline and hotel reservations. It is essential to grasp the discount percentage, such as receiving 10 miles for every ₹100 spent. Bear this in mind to maximize the benefits of these promotions.

Airline Partnerships:

Most credit cards have partnerships with well-known airlines. They offer advantages linked to particular airlines. You may qualify for coupons with a specific airline when you obtain a new card. However, if that airline is not your preferred selection, you might experience restrictions. If an airline has a frequent flyer club and a card has a unique collaboration, you can gain access to that club. 

Some cards are specifically tailored for mileage programs with high-quality airlines. These exclusive collaboration cards can be an excellent choice if you frequently travel with such airlines. Additionally, the privilege of accessing airport lounges is a valuable perk, especially if you are a frequent traveler, as it enhances the convenience of your trip.

Welcome Gifts & Rewards:

The top travel credit cards frequently offer appealing welcome gifts, like instant reward points or airline and hotel membership vouchers. It is essential to assess the overall worth of the card before signing up solely for these welcome gifts and rewards. 

Bear in mind that the finest travel credit cards may carry different charges. Unless you use the card efficiently and regularly, you might have to pay additional fees without gaining significant benefits. Consider these aspects to guarantee you make an intelligent choice that aligns with your travel objectives.

Foreign Currency Markup Fee:

When you use your credit card in an international nation, a foreign exchange fee is frequently added because of the conversion rate. This fee is generally about 3.5% plus GST and is imposed for every transaction in an alternate currency. Considering this fee when planning travel expenses is crucial to prevent unexpected occurrences. However, certain cards with elevated yearly charges might provide a reduced markup rate, as little as 2% plus GST.


In conclusion, travel credit cards offer several benefits for frequent travelers. You should check the credit card fees and select the suitable one. Also, remember that using a travel credit card often and making timely repayments will improve your credit score. You can check your credit score using a Cibil score app

Therefore, compare several travel credit cards and choose the one that offers the benefits mentioned in this article. Learn the best practices of using a travel credit card and save significant money without compromising your travel goals.

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