Choosing Good Mortgage Lender Is As Important As Buying A Home

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Mortgage lenders come in a variety of forms, and each one specializes in a certain area of the market.


A buyer receives finance from a property seller. This kind of arrangement is quite risky. The majority of sellers make money off of borrowers twice: once, from the direct selling of the property and once more from the interest on the loan.

Loans and Savings

These mortgage lenders offer mortgages using the savings of individual investors. They rank among the largest mortgage lenders in the country.

Mortgage Bankers

When working with bank mortgage lenders, a general rule of thumb is that the larger the bank, the better the rates it can provide. When working with them you must be aware that mortgage bankers will control the loan throughout the entire process – from underwriting through servicing and even the secondary market sale.

Mortgage Brokers

Loans are sold by mortgage brokers on behalf of lenders for instance mortgage bankers. They are located at the storefront in the loan distribution network. You can find a reliable mortgage broker by asking around at work, among friends, and online.

Credit Unions

These are owned by members, and they offer excellent rates and services precisely because of this. They do their business similarly to bank mortgage lenders.

When looking for mortgage lenders, keep the following points in mind:

Searching Mortgage Lenders

Locating mortgage lenders is simple. Request a lender recommendation from a real estate agent you know. Ask someone you know who just recently bought a home for a recommendation. Finally, consult the yellow pages if you have a phone and a phone directory. In addition, keep an eye out for commercials in broadcast and print media.

Pruning Names On Your List

Call the Department of Commerce or visit their website to filter the names on your list. Click on Enforcement Actions under the section marked Consumer Info & Services. A list of any legal actions brought against mortgage lenders will then be available.

The Department of Commerce updates its list of mortgage lenders having complaints and violations. They are authorized to publicly reprimand a mortgage provider for breaking the standard rules. The department has the option of revoking or suspending the mortgage originator’s license if there is another incident that necessitates government intervention.

Finding the Best Rates

In the real estate sections of local newspapers, you can get comparative mortgage charts. Looking for some good bank mortgage lenders here is a fantastic idea. Ask the following questions when you call potential mortgage lenders:

  1. Are they the best rates and terms for which I qualify?
  2. Do I qualify for a better loan product than the one you are offering me?
  3. Would I be better off using a different mortgage lender?

Summing Up

Choosing a mortgage lender is just as important as buying a home. So, spend some time comparing mortgage lenders. After all, borrowers typically have 15 to 30 years of relationships with mortgage lenders. A match made in heaven must have been the reason for the partnership to last that long.






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