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Chakra Jewelry made by the combination of 7 Gemstones?

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Chakra Jewelry has a great impact on a person’s life and that’s why it has gained so much popularity all over the world. Chakra Jewelry gives a new direction and purpose in life to you as a person. Today we are focusing on the various Chakras and specific Chakra Jewelry for you. Wearing Chakra Jewelry has been ruling the hearts of people for ages now and still it looks very amazing and perfect. So let’s not waste more time and begin to know more about the Chakra Gemstone Jewelry.

What is Chakra and Chakra Jewelry?

Chakra is a spiritual spot according to which a human body has various Chakras located on the spinal cord. These spots are a symbol of spiritual awareness and awakening. It is believed that achieving these Chakras can help a person to achieve high intellect and spirituality. Today a large population of people from all over the world are meditating to achieve the next dimension of life. But it requires high determination and discipline. It requires proper meditation and concentration skills which are very hard to acquire. So to help a person concentrate better and effectively, Chakra Jewelry is there. Chakra Jewelry is made up of Gemstones which work towards these Chakras. So let’s begin and know about them now.

Seven Chakras and Their Gemstone Jewelry!

Let’s begin with the first basic Chakra of the human body which is the first step towards spirituality. Root Chakra is the symbol of the Grounded nature of a person and is often represented by the red color. Jewellery like Red Jasper Jewelry and hematite Jewelry are amongst the Root Chakra Jewelry. Also, these give a very impactful and deep impression of you over others. Wearing a beautiful piece of Red Jasper Ring can help you start your spiritual journey while maintaining your style and fashion as well.

Sacral Chakra Jewelry

Sacral Chakra is the Chakra associated with the belief system of a person. It means when a person starts believing in the god or the power which is running this whole universe. Gemstones like Amber are associated with it which is also a very good option for making you look more stunning. The orange color gives a very unique appearance to you as a person and makes you look different from others.

Solar Plexus Chakra:

As the name suggests, Solar means it’s related to the Power of Sun and that’s why it is associated with the yellow color. Solar Plexus Chakra is a symbol of positivity and happiness. It means a person is responsible for their happiness and that’s why one should always be focusing on finding the solution to different problems. It consists of Gemstones like Citrine Jewelry and Tiger Eye Jewelry. Citrine has got a very pleasant yellow color which enhances your personality and creates a very positive aura around you. Wearing a Citrine Gemstone in the form of Citrine Rings or Citrine Pendants can be a very good choice in case of professional occasions. Also, it will make you a solution-oriented person and makes things easier for you.

Heart Chakra –

Heart Chakra is one of the most significant Chakra and is the symbol of purity of heart. One should get rid of any kind of harsh feelings, grudges, regrets, guilts, and everything else and should keep their heart as light as possible. It is represented by the Green color and consists of Jewelry like Rose Quartz Jewelry and Emerald Jewelry. Both of these are quite fascinating and attractive pieces of Gemstone Jewelry. Also, Rose Quartz is a very popular Gemstone Jewelry these days because it is considered to be very lucky in bringing love to not your life. It’s one of the selling pieces of Gemstone Jewelry on occasions like Engagements, weddings, and anniversaries. So wearing a beautiful piece of Rose Quartz can also make one look more glamorous and fashionable.

Throat Chakra –

Throat Chakra is represented by the blue color and is related to the communication skills of a person. It is about the way of expressing and allows a person to be very precise with their words. Some popular Pieces of Throat Chakra Jewelry are Aquamarine Jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry. Blue is the symbol of peace and calmness as well. Also wearing a blue colored Gemstone gives a person a very soothing and delightful appearance. Men love to wear stunning collections of Turquoise Gemstone Jewelry over their professional attires. This allows them to look more stylish and adds more glitter to their personality. Turquoise Rings and Aquamarine Rings are all-time bestsellers in the Men’s Category.

Third Eye Chakra-

Third Eye Chakra means the stage when a person moves above the materialistic dimension of this world and can watch it from the other dimension. It is one of the hardest levels to achieve. However, Chakra Jewelry like Labradorite Jewelry can be a very good help to you. These allow you to concentrate more and become more determined toward the path of spirituality.

Crown Chakra Jewelry –

Crown Chakra is the top Chakra of the human body and is the final stage of self-search. It is represented by the purple color and has Chakra Jewelry like Tanzanite Jewelry attached to it. Tanzanite is one of the most expensive Gemstones in the world and this is also one of the reasons behind it. Wearing a Tanzanite Ring or Tanzanite Pendant can put you in a very good position in society as it is the symbol of class and elegance.

So in today’s market, Chakra Jewelry has made its separate fan base and is highly popular with beautiful designs of Sterling Silver Jewelry. It makes them look even more mesmerizing and majestic. Wearing Chakra Jewelry helps a person in both ways and that’s why one should not miss a chance and buy a beautiful piece of Gemstone Jewelry for themselves. Rananjay Exports are one of the best Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers and can give you a huge range of options to choose from. So do visit them once.

Author Bio

My name is Emma Perez, and I have a keen interest in the field of writing. I have written a couple of articles on various gemstones, fashion and would love to express my opinion on more such stones. Hope it has maximized your knowledge of gemstone jewelry and satisfied your quest to buy wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer from an authentic place. We believe in quality and offer the same in our information and products.

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