Casio watches available in Pakistan
Casio watches available in Pakistan

Are there any special edition Casio watches available in Pakistan?

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Casio is an electronics company that makes a variety of watches. Their watches are durable and long-wearing, making them a popular choice among consumers.

G-SHOCK is a chic subsidiary brand that has garnered a cult following thanks to its stylish, chunky designs. The brand’s digital watches are built to take on anything and everything.

G-Shock GA110ALIFE21-8A

Casio’s G-Shock line has long had a relationship with the streetwear world, and collaborations have become a regular occurrence. For SS22, the brand has teamed up with streetwear and skate culture label Alife for a dramatic monochrome take on one of its classic watches. Featuring a stark concrete grey ana-digi dial and a set of custom touches, the watch delivers a high-impact new chapter in the partnership’s rich history.

The GA110ALIFE21-8A features the Alife logo printed at the twelve o’clock marker, “The Witching Hour” text at the three o’clock position, and the brand name engraved on the case back. The timepiece also boasts the usual 200-meter water resistance and multiple other G-SHOCK features including a 1/1000th-second chronograph, five programmable alarms, an LED dial light, and a world timer.

Alife’s take on the GA110 combines the functionality and durability of G-SHOCK with the streetwear aesthetic the brand is known for. The result is a timepiece that looks as good in the streets as it does in the boardroom. The collaboration is available now on the eCasioCentre website and in select Casio stores worldwide.

G-Shock MTG B3000

The B3000 is the slimmest module for a G-SHOCK solar chronograph to date but still packs plenty of functionality. Casio used their famous Premium Production Line at their Yamagata factory to assemble this watch, so it has the same high-quality construction as the more expensive MR-G models.

This model is also designed to be more stylish than previous MT-G watches. Its case is a bit thinner at just 12.1 mm from bezel to case back and features beautiful slopes and bevels on some of the surfaces. It also has a carbon core guard structure for improved shock resistance and a photovoltaic face that charges with sunlight.

Another interesting feature is the fact that the watch is built with a composite stainless steel and fine resin bracelet, which can be easily swapped out for a different strap. Casio says this makes it easier to change the look of the watch depending on your mood or outfit, and they’ve added a quick-release system so you can do it without a tool.

This is a very stylish and functional Casio G-SHOCK watch, and it should appeal to a lot of people. It has all the features you’d expect from a G-SHOCK, including a radio-controlled digital display, solar-powered timekeeping, Bluetooth connectivity, and a range of other functions. Its robust construction and chic look should also make it popular with a number of different kinds of people, from businessmen to fashionistas.

G-Shock Oceanus

The Oceanus is one of Casio’s most high-end watches outside the G-Shock line. It has a sleek metallic look that entices watch enthusiasts and is perfect for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their everyday lifestyle. It also has advanced technicalities that set it apart from other mechanical watches.

This model features a sapphire crystal bezel that has had a special blue color treatment. This is a beautiful detail that enhances the overall aesthetic of the watch and makes it stand out from its competition. The sapphire crystal is virtually scratch-proof and can resist any accidental bumps or drops. The movement in this Casio timepiece is solar-powered and has an automatic atomic clock synchronization function via multi-band 6 technology. This means that the watch will never lose its accuracy.

The case and bracelet of this watch are made from pure titanium, which is incredibly lightweight yet durable. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters and can display the current time in 29 different world time zones. It also has a handy compass function and can detect magnetism-based changes in the Earth’s gravitational field.

The Oceanus is a great option for those who enjoy sea-based sports such as yachting, sailing, surfing, swimming, jet skiing, and more. It has a 10-bar waterproof structure that ensures your watch will be able to withstand any kind of weather. It also has a smart auto-synchronization feature that will automatically update the time in your home country whenever you travel abroad.

G-Shock Edifice

Casio’s Edifice is a great line of low-cost chronograph watches that rivals more expensive options from Fossil, Vincero, and others. They’re tough enough to handle a few knocks, and the sturdiness of the build and design means they’re a good option for anyone looking for a solid watch that won’t break the bank.

The Edifice series offers a wide variety of elegant, sophisticated designs that are perfect for men who want to wear a watch that’s both sporty and professional. The collection also includes connected technology that allows you to link the watches to your smartphone for added functionality. These features are similar to those found on G-Shock watches, but they’re more refined and less gimmicky.

One example of the Edifice line is the EQB-100SBBJ-1AJF, which has a black analog dial with red hands and markers. This model has a stainless steel case and sapphire crystal, making it tough and lightweight. Its simple style makes it a great fit for casual and formal outfits, and the chronograph function lets you track time in five-second increments.

Another great option is the EFV-590L-1AV, which has a black dial bezel and a date window. This watch has a stainless steel case and is water-resistant up to 100 meters. It’s also a great choice for everyday wear since it’s comfortable and durable.

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