Can a Ticketing Software Help you Manage Watch Repairs?

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Watches are no less than jewelry for the ones who wear them regularly. Several years ago, the primary function of these timepieces was to tell time, but the scenarios have entirely changed. These days, people love wearing different watches according to the occasions, functions, and events they have to attend.

Also, it is believed that watches reveal everything about a person’s character. But like every other electronic device, watches are also prone to failure (irrespective of brand or price tag), and the owners willingly spend hundreds of dollars to repair them.

And in this article, we will highlight some of the tools and processes one can expect at a watch repair store. Also, we will discuss how watch repair shop ticketing software can help someone grow their watch service center and manage the procedures. So let us get down the road and discuss that.


Most watch repair stores not just fix the watches but also sell several accessories as well. This includes leather boxes, bracelets, straps, batteries, link pin removers, carrying cases, tempered glass protectors for screens, watch crowns, etc.

Also, watch owners love to visit repair stores where they can find genuine or original repair parts. So, if you have them at your store, you can profit handsomely. However, you need to invest time and do a bit of research on where to find or order those parts.


Running a watch repair lab without the required tools and repair service software is impossible. So, if you plan to start a successful watch repair store, you must buy the tools and equipment mentioned below.

  • Screwdrivers: This is a must-have tool for a watch repair center. Using this, you can unscrew the entire timepiece whenever required. 
  • Link Pin Removers: This tool removes the link pins joining the watch’s bracelet. And if used with an adjuster, it can make the job much easier and more precise. 
  • Case Opener: Before opening the back case of the watch, you won’t be able to look for the issue or mechanical failure. And this tool can make the job simpler and time-saving, as opening the back casing of a waterproof watch is complicated.  
  • Winder: A winder makes the handspring wound process easier than manually doing it. 

Repair Ticketing Software 

Managing all the ongoing processes at a watch service center can be very challenging for business owners. As the repair store has a lot to handle, such as inventory, employees, marketing, cash flow, and clients, one cannot organize everything using manual methods and procedures.

For that reason, employing a watch repair shop ticketing software system is a must. It works faster when you are in a rush, by managing all your repair jobs in one place. Following are some of its notable features. 

  • Checkouts within a minute
  • Customer facing display
  • Can send job notifications to your technicians
  • Keeps track of everything

Types of Watch Repairs 

Wearing a watch can enhance the personality of the wearer significantly. This is a major reason why more and more people have started wearing them. In 2022, the watch segment’s revenue amounts to US$11.10bn, and it is increasing with every passing day.

Similarly, the watch repair industry is also booming at full pace, and for someone with a love and passion for timepieces, this business has a vast scope. Below are some types of watches one has to repair at their service shop.

  • Mechanical: Repairing a mechanical watch takes the most time in all the categories due to its complex mechanism. Also, if it is left longer without service, it can lead to irregular timekeeping. So, if you plan to repair mechanical watches, you must hire a technician with prior experience repairing these timepieces.  
  • Quartz: If a customer walks into your watch repair store to get their quartz watch fixed, it is most probably due to a weak battery. Compared to mechanical, quartz watches do not need regular servicing, but their battery must be replaced once or twice a year. For people looking for something simple, quartz watches are a great choice.
  • Antique: Classic and antique watches need regular maintenance as they are more prone to failure. And their owners will pay any price to get them in working condition again. Just ensure that you have all the required repair accessories in your stock. And you can sell watches as well with the watch repair shop ticketing software that has a built-in POS for the retail side of your business

Final Words

Watch repair is an expanding business that offers huge scope for all tech, and timepiece lovers, having a small amount to start. Above, we have mentioned some of the major accessories you must equip your shop with and what types of watches you might have to repair. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post. If we have missed something, you can let us know by commenting below.

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