Buying Cheerleading Uniforms

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In 1927, a company called Jean Lee Originals started marketing cheerleading uniforms. Jean Marie Harter, the first female graduate of Northwestern University, designed the double stripe sweater and pleated skirt. Harter’s father owned a large sporting goods store in Indiana, and his company, House of Harter Sporting Goods, supplied almost all high schools in the Midwest and Indiana. Harter and his family were passionate about cheerleading, and they decided to market their brand to students. Jean Lee Originals made cheerleading uniforms custom-made for every team.

Buying a cheerleading uniform

When buying a cheerleading uniform, you have many choices. You can buy ready-made ones that are less expensive than custom-made ones. Another option is to buy a package deal that includes the cheerleading uniforms for the entire team. Cheaper options are always preferable but you must not compromise on the quality of the outfits. Here are some tips to help you buy the perfect cheerleading uniform for your child.

Before buying cheerleading uniforms, remember that they have to meet school dress codes and regulations. Make sure the uniforms meet the dress code so that the school is shown in the best light. If you are buying cheerleading uniforms for your child, consider the length and style of the skirt. It should be comfortable for her to do pyramids and jumps. However, she should also consider the type of cheerleading she will be doing and the level of training that she will need.

Fabric of a cheerleading uniform shell

The fabric of a cheerleading uniform shell is usually made from a stretchy material that requires stabilizing before cutting. If the uniform has a logo, you will need to fussy cut it before cutting it out. You can also use an iron on a low setting to press the fabric flat. Before cutting, however, you should carefully remove all labels from the uniform and iron it flat. Once this is complete, you can then cut and sew the pieces together.

The fabric of a cheerleading uniform shell is usually made from polyester, which is known to be stretchy and resistant to wear and tear. The fabric doesn’t shrink and fade with time, either. Another popular material for cheer uniform shells is a nylon and spandex blend. This type of fabric is perfect for cheerleading due to its comfort and unrestricted movement. A cheerleading uniform shell may be custom-made or purchased pre-made.

Rise of a modern skirt

The evolution of the cheerleading uniform is largely credited to Jean Lee Originals. Founded in 1931 by Jean Marie Harter, who was also the first woman to graduate from Northwestern University, the company’s designs include the pleated skirt and double-striped sweater. Harter’s father owned House of Harter Sporting Goods, the largest sporting goods store in the Midwest and Indiana, which supplied most of the state’s high schools. From there, the company began producing custom cheerleading uniforms.

As cheerleading uniforms became more modern, the uniforms themselves were likewise influenced by the fashion trends of the time. In the 1980s, cheerleaders began wearing slouch socks and Keds champion sneakers. Cheerleaders’ skirts became shorter, and they were adorned with contrasting color stripes. These trends led to a whole range of new uniform features, including the A-line skirt, which replaced the pleated skirt.

Rules for wearing a cheerleading uniform

Cheerleading skirts are extremely versatile. Modern cheerleading skirts feature pleats, which are sometimes even visible. The rule of thumb is that your skirt should cover your midriff when your arms are down. Modern cheerleading skirts also come in different rises, allowing you to customize your look. The traditional cheerleading skirt should cover your midsection and reach the bottom of your shell just a bit. However, there are squads that wear low-rise skirts with long shells, and others that wear low-rise skirts with normal or shorter-length shells.

Cheerleading shoes must be approved for cheerleading. Practice shoes must accompany the cheerleader to every game, and are also acceptable for inclement weather. For more information, check out our cheerleading shoe rules. Listed below are the rules that cheerleaders must abide by. If you are uncertain of what the rules are, contact your coach and ask them. Hopefully, this article will help you make the right choice!


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