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Get reliable and affordable manual transfer switches in Singapore from the experts at ABC Company. Our transfer switches are built to last and come with a warranty to ensure your peace of mind. Shop our range today for unbeatable prices and free delivery!

PTS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Technologies that offers an extensive range of transfer switches designed to transfer electric loads seamlessly. We deliver auto transfer switches, manual change over switches, load brake switches and isolators in all critical applications.

Get Reliable Automatic Changeover Switches in Singapore


The Automatic Power Transfer switch is a device that automatically switches off the power supply to a specific appliance in the event of an electrical fault. This prevents power from being supplied to appliances and devices that are not properly grounded or are not working properly.

The need for such a device arises because of the risks involved in supplying power to appliances and devices that may be damaged and could lead to fires or other accidents.

In order to provide the best service for their customers, the PTS APAC PRIVATE LIMITED A company that specialises in end-to-end LV and MV switching control gears for organizations worldwide. We manufacture automatic transfer switches that exemplify innovation and uniqueness in terms of design and features.

The automatic power transfer switch is a new innovation that will help to reduce power outages and improve customer safety. We have been providing power switch solutions to customers in Singapore since 1993.

power transfer switch is an electrical device that transfers power from one source to another. It is used when the primary source of power fails or is disconnected, or when a secondary source of power needs to be connected.

Load Break Switch: Evaluation of Breaking & Making Capabilities:

Load break switches Singapore are installed in electrical substations to provide protection for the equipment against overloading. Load break switches Singapore are very important for substations that have a high voltage and power capacity.

The load break switch is a safety device that protects the circuit breaker and other equipment from overloads by automatically opening the circuit when it senses a predetermined overload condition. The switch interrupts the power flow, which prevents damage to equipment and ensures continued operation of other circuits feeding into this one.

Load break switches are devices used to open an electrical circuit by isolating the source from the consumer. Whether they are manual, motorised or with a trip function, these devices ensure the on-load making, breaking and safety disconnection of low-voltage electrical circuits.

Choosing the Right Changeover Switch for Your Electrical System in Singapore”

Are you looking to upgrade your electrical setup in Singapore? Don’t overlook the importance of choosing the right changeover switch Singapore.

A changeover switch plays a crucial role in seamlessly switching between power sources, such as main grid power and backup generators. To ensure a reliable and efficient electrical system, follow these key tips when selecting a changeover switch for your Singaporean property: 🏢💼

2 Consider the switch type: Choose between manual, automatic, or semi-automatic changeover switches, depending on your preferences and budget. Automatic switches provide seamless power transfer during outages, while manual ones offer greater control.

3  Quality and reliability matter: Opt for reputable brands and ensure the switch complies with relevant safety standards in Singapore. This guarantees durability, enhanced protection against electrical faults, and peace of mind.

By carefully selecting the right changeover switch, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted power supply during emergencies and avoid potential electrical hazards. Stay safe and make informed decisions when it comes to your electrical system!

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