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Best Restaurants In Maine

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1.Anju Noodle Bar
This noodle bar in a repurposed authorities constructing in Kittery serves “free-style” Asian fare. Don’t pass over the okonomiyaki, pork buns, or ramen fortified with the aid of a 14-hour broth made with meat from the butcher subsequent door. Insider’s tip: Pass via the returned of Anju into its sister cocktail bar, the Wallingford Dram, for a drink earlier than or after dinner.

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2.Oxbow Beer Garden
Farmhouse brewery Oxbow Brewing’s 0.33 area grew to become an instantaneous traditional as quickly as it opened in the former domestic of a cross-country ski center. Yeast fanatics flock to the outpost in Western Maine for the tasting room’s 15 taps, wood-fired pizzas, and adjoining bottle shop. Perfect for organizations of pals and families, the beer backyard is a profitable vacation spot all yr long.

3.Palace Diner
If the younger geniuses who run this old-school diner auto don’t but have a key to the city, it’s time. They’re likely Biddeford’s most wonderful ambassadors: From the pancakes and egg sandwich to the tuna soften and fried chicken, parts are simply giant sufficient that you in all likelihood shouldn’t finish, however they’re too scrumptious to set aside.

Magnus on Water maine

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4.Magnus on Water
Chef Ben Jackson, previously of Drifters Wife, moved to Magnus on Water after it acquired a pandemic reboot. There he joined former Elda bartender Brian Catapang and established supervisor Brittany Saliwanchik, alongside with companions Julia Russell and Carmen Harris, to serve up unique cocktails and small plates like sherry-steamed clams and sugar snap peas with goat cheese, mint, and united states ham.

5.Bite into Maine
No go to to Maine is whole besides a lobster roll. All of Bite Into Maine’s areas serve some of the first-rate lobster rolls in the state, however the seasonal place at Fort Williams is the most scenic. In addition to 5 patterns of lobster roll, you’ll discover chowder, a range of grilled cheeses, and whoopie pies, plus a lovely view of the Maine coast.

6.Woodford F&B
This local eatery with a retro diner experience affords a much-needed eating alternative in Woodfords Corner. A Fore Street alum, chef Courtney Loreg provides brasserie classics like mussels and fries, an epic cheeseburger, and Maine crab cakes.

Leeward maine

Recently named a James Beard Award semifinalist for Best New Restaurant, Leeward has navigated its first two years in enterprise with relative aplomb. Owners Raquel and Jake Stevens serve Italian fare, which include handmade pasta and a rotating menu of small plates proposing seasonal and neighborhood ingredients. The hen liver mousse and burrata are famous starters.

8.Central Provisions
With an ever-changing menu, an spectacular drinks program, and super service, Central continues to make waves six years after it began turning heads. At their superbly renovated Old Port spot, Chris and Paige Gould serve small plates of globally stimulated delicacies like smoked halibut dip, a lobster and chorizo roll, and cauliflower-feta agnolotti.

The outside eating setup makes this “boutique barbecue” restaurant a important vacation spot in Portland’s East End. With a menu of house-smoked meats and dishes with Caribbean flair, Terlingua has some thing for every body (including vegetarians). A stable craft beer and tequila resolution ties it all together.

Cong Tu Bot maine

10.Cong Tu Bot
Tandem Coffee co-founders Vien Dobui and Jessica Sheahan made waves years in the past with their noodle pop-up dinners earlier than opening this casual, brightly coloured cafe in 2017. Tucked into a nook of Washington Avenue, the restaurant serves standouts like bun cha, goi cai bap, and pho.

11.Eventide Oyster Co.
Eventide’s cool blue uncooked bar was once an immediately success from the get-go. The restaurant made its mark with a exceptional granite trough of pristine oysters, ingenious cocktails, and a menu that stages from crudo and ceviche to fried rooster and a burger — as nicely as what may also be the state’s most progressive lobster roll.

12.Fore Street
James Beard Award-winning chef Sam Hayward’s spacious restaurant, with its wide-open kitchen and wood-fired hearth, helped put Portland’s eating scene on the country wide map. Though farm-to-table has grow to be the norm in the area, Hayward used to be the first in Portland to include elements from nearby farmers, fishermen, and foragers. His rustic, seasonal menu modifications daily.

Portland restaurant duo Sam Hayward and Dana Street have any other success in this waterfront stunner with a basic seafood menu. The eating room’s big home windows provide expansive views of Portland’s working waterfront.


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