Best places to visit in Prague

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Prague, often referred to as “The City of a Hundred Spires,” is a European gem that has captured the hearts of travelers for centuries. 

Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral 

Begin your Prague adventure at the iconic Prague Castle, a massive complex that includes the awe-inspiring St. Vitus Cathedral. Explore the history and artistry of these magnificent structures while enjoying panoramic views of the city.

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Charles Bridge:

Charles Bridge is not just a bridge; it’s a piece of Prague’s soul. Learn about its history, its stunning sculptures, and why it’s a favorite spot for both tourists and locals.

Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock 

The heart of Prague’s historic center, the Old Town Square, is a bustling hub of activity. Discover the secrets of the Astronomical Clock and the charm of the square’s surrounding architecture.

Wenceslas Square 

Explore Wenceslas Square, a center of Czech history and culture. Learn about its significance and the modern-day activities that take place here.

The Lesser Town and Lennon Wall 

Cross the Charles Bridge to the Lesser Town, where you’ll find hidden treasures like the colorful Lennon Wall, which pays tribute to the spirit of peace and love.


Immerse yourself in the history of the Jewish Quarter, which is home to synagogues, museums, and the haunting Old Jewish Cemetery.

National Museum 

Discover Czech history and culture at the National Museum, located at the top of Wenceslas Square. Learn about its fascinating exhibits and collections.


Escape the crowds and explore Vyšehrad, a historic fortress offering a serene atmosphere, scenic views, and a glimpse into Czech folklore.

Petrin Hill and the Petrin Tower 

Climb Petrin Hill for a peaceful retreat in nature and ascend the Petrin Tower for unparalleled vistas of Prague.

The Dancing House 

Marvel at the unconventional architecture of the Dancing House, a contemporary gem amidst Prague’s historic skyline.

Kampa Island and Museum of Modern Art 

Stroll along the picturesque Kampa Island, home to modern art and sculptures, and the Kampa Museum, which houses an impressive collection of Czech art.

Food and Drink in Prague 

Savor the flavors of Czech cuisine, from hearty goulash to sweet trdelník, and enjoy a refreshing glass of Pilsner beer in Prague’s charming pubs.

Day Trips from Prague 

Extend your adventure by exploring the beautiful Czech countryside and visiting nearby towns such as Kutná Hora and Cesky Krumlov.

Practical Tips for Visiting Prague 

Get insider tips on currency, transportation, weather, and the best times to visit to make your Prague journey smooth and enjoyable.

Local Cuisine and Dining Experiences

Indulge in Czech cuisine by trying classics like goulash, trdelník (a sweet pastry), and svíčková (marinated beef with creamy sauce). Be sure to explore local restaurants and cafes to savor the rich flavors of Czech food.

Getting Around in Prague

Prague has an excellent public transportation system, including trams, buses, and the metro, making it easy to navigate the city. Consider purchasing a Prague Card for unlimited travel on public transport and free entry to many attractions.

The Lennon Wall

A testament to peace and love, the Lennon Wall is a continually evolving mural filled with graffiti, lyrics, and art inspired by John Lennon and The Beatles. It’s a vibrant and ever-changing expression of freedom and creativity.

Vytopna Railway Restaurant

For a unique dining experience, head to Vytopna Railway Restaurant, where your drinks are delivered to your table by model trains. It’s a whimsical and fun way to enjoy a meal in Prague.

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