Best 6 Courses To Improving Writing Skills

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There’s no doubt that flawless writing can expand your productivity and growth in a working environment.


In this fast pacing world of digital marketing where content is everything, writing skills can provide you with a win-win opportunity from branding your business to starting a writing career. The significant part is the correct usage of words that can inspire, grant praise, boost perceptibility, and lead any writer toward expeditious success.


Nowadays, the internet is propulsive over digital media, and the value of getting improved writing skills is inexpressible. Writing is a built-in ability that requires effort, dedication, and techniques to hone your craft into a readable draft.


If you want to take your writing skills to the next level, here are some writing courses which will help you to boost your writing skills hysterically.


Due to the vigorous popularity of the internet, the demand for improved content has now increased. No matter you are crafting a blog, writing an article, or creating posts, the written content is a reliable resource of communication for social media.


When writers want to convey a strong message, effective writing skills can save their time and effort to deliver the wrong message to their audience.


Creative Writing Specialization (Coursera)

This course covers three valuable factors of writing genre:


  • Narrative essays
  • Short stories
  • Memoirs


It is the best course for you to improve your story writing skills with memorable characters. No matter if you leave your desk to write books or you have a germ of creating fascinating stories. Creative Writing is designed for you to accomplish your goals from an endeavouring story writer to an expert novelist.


In the capstone concept, you can compose, rewrite and complete a meaningful story with the help of your selected genre.


Fundamental topics:

  • The Craft of Plot
  • The Craft of Characters
  • Setting and Description
  • The Craft of Style
  • Capstone: Your Story



  • Open learning for students
  • HD courses videos
  • Scored assignments with peer help
  • Programming assignments
  • Quizzes with feedback


Essay Essential: Improve Your Academic Writing (Udemy)

This is a video-based course that helps you in writing essays. This course provides you with different ways where you can write well-structured essays by learning the foundations of essay writing.


Fundamental Topics:

  • Brainstorming your ideas which helps you to write essays
  • Understand the effect of the writing process, situation, and classroom resources
  • Create an organized introduction and conclusion paragraphs
  • Understand the structure of essay writing
  • Edit and proofread mistakes by using useful tips and rules



  • Online video content
  • Certification of completion
  • Instructor Q&A
  • Instructor direct message


For instance, if you are finding a top-notch essay writing service UK, you can take assistance with this course. This online training centre of Udemy can offer high-quality essay writing services that can take your essay writing skills to the highest peak.


Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner to Writing Pro (Udemy) This course provides you with learning on how to develop ad copy that helps to turn your clicks into sales. Writing with Confidence is designed to upskill the rules to write your ads for various social media platforms. In this course, you can learn how to create a strong impact with your messages which matches the personality of your audience and customer.


Fundamental topics:

  • Learn the rules of Ad copywriting
  • Ad copy goals and objectives
  • Writing ad copy for various social media platforms
  • Value your audience
  • Do’s and Don’ts



  • Find your tone as a blogger, business writer, and nonfiction writer
  • Discover the secrets of urging techniques by the top-class copywriters
  • Learn to create reader-friendly text which keeps your reader stuck over the page
  • Explore various free writing tools that can take your writing to the next level


Craft Your Cover Letter (Udacity)

This short course guides you on crafting a perfect cover letter by learning various writing techniques that make you eligible for the job post.


In the writing classes where beginners can learn how to search for a company and target their writing tone to create reliable stories. It provides writing tools and research to perceive why you are perfectly fit for this role.


Fundamental topics:

  • Target your job application for the specific role
  • Students know the value and purpose of a cover letter
  • Create a cover letter with an organized introduction, body, and conclusion



  • Substantial learning content
  • Learning by instructor’s videos
  • Learning by doing exercises
  • Take motivation from professionals



Online Creative Writing Classes (Udemy)

Skillshare provides you with an online platform for academic purposes. It covers various topics like data sciences, e-commerce, analytics, graphic design, and much more.


They offer creative classes to improve your writing abilities by using creative writing tools. Learn to create an attractive plot for storytelling and use techniques to make your words craftier. This course helps you to write character-driven stories by using creative prompts of writing. The best quality of these online classes is they allow you brief sessions, which include hands-on writing projects to conclude and share.


Fundamental topics:

  • Storytelling
  • Outlining of creative writing assignments
  • Crafting an attractive plot



  • Learn to boost creative writing skills in various genres like fiction, poetry, and humour
  • Take ideas to create daily journals
  • Real-time creators give you sessions
  • Feasibility of device: you can take classes at any anytime


For instance, if you want to get creative writing assignment ideas to improve your writing abilities, you can take assignment writing help by taking these classes. Their best writing techniques and brief online sessions can be feasible for you to achieve your goals in assignment writing.


Creative Writing: Crafting Personal Essay with Impact (Skillshare)

This is an online course that helps you to build your writing skills more impactful. The writer demonstrates to you well to find the reasons for writing and explains how to utilize these reasons which help you navigate the quality of words.


The writer shares his experience in understanding grammar and develop structured and error-free content. After getting help from this course, you can rig out various writing techniques that will give your writing a real crisp.


Fundamental topics:


  • Sense of writing and its effects
  • Learn to involve your readers
  • Understanding how people read and write
  • Prime objective: examine inward and outward



  • Providing help to trained in academic modules
  • Expert writer and instructor
  • Certificate of completion


Wrapping Up

Now you have an idea about how writing courses can boost your writing skills and increase your productivity. Whether you are a well-known writer or a beginner, you must take steps to take your writing skills to the next level.


The suggested courses in this article can help you throughout your academic and professional careers. Take inspiration from them and opt for a suitable course to become a pro in the writing field.
































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