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Benefits of the hiring workshop service

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Users have complete freedom to choose between an official workshop or a multi-brand workshop
(also called an “independent workshop” or “trusted workshop”). They go to them when it comes to both repairing and maintaining their vehicles.

Although the price is a very important factor in choosing the services of an official workshop or a
multi-brand workshop, and the rates of official workshops are usually higher, it is also convenient to
know the advantages they offer and take them into account. You can choose denver machine shop.

Advantages of workshops

Extensive service that includes preventative and remedial maintenance. Repairs, accessories,
sheet metal, paint, warranty extensions, insurance, and other services like delivering a substitute
vehicle to the client while theirs is being repaired are all available.

. The current selection of automobiles is so wide and technologically diverse, particularly in the
hybrid or electric sector, that particular expertise is needed. Because of this, the machine shop
denver will always be the finest expert on the traits of its brands and models. Typically, the
official network is the first to find them and train its personnel. They also use cutting-edge
technology. In the case of new hybrid and electric cars, extremely crucial.

What can the workshop do to be more competitive in times of crisis?

Since the beginning of the economic crisis, the after-sales sector (replacement and workshop) has
been characterized by the progressive decrease in operations in its activity caused by the change in
consumer behaviour, the decrease in the number of registrations, the extension of the useful life of
vehicles and the emergence of illegal workshops.

Although in the latest study prepared on the current situation of the body shop and mechanics, a
change of direction has been observed concerning the situation of the workshops, machine shops in
colorado offer some simple recommendations below to support the sector.

What should the workshop take into account in times of crisis?


1. Competitiveness in your service


Despite the delicate situation, the workshop must maintain and strengthens its productivity and,
therefore, its competitiveness. Although the workshop wants to optimize its economic resources in
acquiring spare parts or machinery, it must pay special attention to their quality and durability to
offer the best customer service.

2. News in the after-sales sector


It is very important to survive in the sector that the workshop is informed of the latest developments
in the automotive sector, of those measures that influence the management of your business, and of
the evolution of the after-sales sector. In this way, it will be easier for workshops to make the right
decisions for their business, improving the effectiveness of their services and productivity.

3. Continuous training


If the workshop’s objective is to remain strong and solvent in the sector, it is essential to ensure that
the team is trained. The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and new tools and technologies
appear frequently, not only in the vehicles themselves but also in what refers to workshop
management (for example, in the emergence of new diagnostic tools).

4. Take care of the profitability of the workshop


In delicate times, knowing where the workshop wants your business to go and how to achieve it is
best. For this reason, it is advisable to establish a pricing policy according to the costs and services
provided to the workshop, prioritizing your management over those activities that will guarantee
not only the economic profitability of the workshop but also that of the future of the business.
Ensuring the employees’ work capacity and the workshop services’ proper development is essential.

5. Develop new communication channels


The workshop must also be on the Internet. Thanks to new technologies, it is advisable to establish
where you are and where you want to go. The ideal would be to set up an online presence by first
having a web page, thanks to which you reach new customers and serve as a new communication

In addition, it will also be essential to bring the workshop closer to users of social networks
interested in the sector. At this point, it is necessary to assess which social networks you want to be
present on, why, and what strategy you want to follow to give the business greater visibility.

Choose an official workshop or a multi-brand workshop

In the case of repairing electronic failures, especially in modern systems such as advanced driving
assistants (adaptive cruise control, collision warning). Multi-brand workshops can perform a similar
service for very old models which are no longer manufactured. Whatever the choice, keeping the
invoices and stamps of the tasks is always recommended.

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