Beauty Product Blogs in the UK

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Beauty product blogs feature articles, pictures and video tutorials about hair and makeup products as well as advice for skin care and overall health.

The Pixiwoo sisters are widely respected experts on beauty and makeup advice. Their YouTube channel and blog feature everything from high-end brands to bargain finds; as well as expert opinions about new products.

The Sunday Girl

Adrienne Sondag created this beauty blog that highlights only the highest-rated skincare products on the market, offering advice based on personal experience and scientific research. Additionally, its focus lies on making the most out of one’s beauty routine and has garnered much acclaim and awards. It now enjoys an enormous following.

This UK vlogger excels at finding trendy fashions and lifestyle products to enthrall her audience, including healthy skin care advice and budget beauty items. Her videos appeal to readers of all ages and backgrounds.

This beauty and wellness blogger is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion through her writing and podcasts. Her genuine lifestyle conversations reach her audience with organic beauty discussions based on real experiences. She covers postpartum health and fitness crazes; provides reviews of various hair, skin and nail care products as well as advocating for vegan-based products in her reviews.

British Beauty Blogger

As its name implies, this blog specializes in makeup and beauty products available in the UK. With reviews for makeup, skin care products, fragrance and lifestyle tips and advice as well as articles, pictures, videos and tutorials covering these areas – it serves as an invaluable resource for people wanting to learn how to use these items effectively.

The British Beauty Blogger is an award-winning blog specializing in beauty products for women. Offering detailed reviews for both budget and luxury brands, and detailing product benefits such as skincare and makeup. Regular updates also keep followers abreast of new offerings from this expert in this niche field.

In addition to reviewing beauty products, this blog also provides advice for improving skin tone and texture as well as the latest trends in hair and makeup. Written by an expert in beauty techniques who also writes for several top media outlets.

Hello Glow

This blog serves as a beauty guide, helping readers select the appropriate products. With reviews and swatches of makeup, skin care and wellness items as well as DIY beauty recipes written by an experienced makeup artist with over 10 years’ experience working with celebrities, brands, publications as well as YouTube channels and large followings alike – you are guaranteed a comprehensive shopping experience here.

This beauty product blog specializes in eco-fair fashion and luxury products such as vegan and organic hair and body products, natural skincare and cosmetics, and natural fragrances – as well as green living principles that inspire them. It is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to live sustainably.

This blog was founded by a beauty editor with an avid passion for makeup, who enjoys sharing her expertise and opinions openly and honestly with her readers. Her articles are informative yet detailed; her opinions can always be trusted!

Fleur De Force

Fleur de Force is one of the UK’s foremost beauty vloggers, having launched her YouTube channel in 2009. Since then, she has amassed an immense global following through monthly favourites, hauls, Q&A sessions, tutorials and lookbooks on YouTube – she even posts family vlogs and travel content! Additionally, Eylure recently offered Fleur their range of lashes and brow products and she published two books: ‘The Glam Guide’ and ‘The Luxe Life.

She has collaborated with brands including Starbucks, Coca-Cola and P&G and is transparent when disclosing sponsored content – adding the word “ad” in video titles and disclosing it clearly in descriptions.

She resides in Northamptonshire with her husband and daughter River; his job as CEO of car dealership company AvailableCar drew backlash from followers during a pandemic; so in response, they released a video message assuring followers.

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