All the tips you need to know for your kitchen

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How to optimize your kitchen? Our decoration experts have looked into this thorny question. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it is well known how difficult it is to keep it in order! The articles below are full of useful advice to achieve this without difficulty, tips for maintaining your kitchen utensils as well as your qualities as a host or chef! 

To maintain order or to save space, our experts reveal 5 tips that will allow you to optimize your kitchen in style.

To organize your kitchen, it is essential to think about storage. Whether it’s drawers, glass jars or storage spaces, storage units will allow you to organize your kitchen efficiently. By adding light fixtures or opening up the space to the living room, your kitchen will also appear larger, friendlier and warmer. We take stock with you.

How to properly organize your kitchen? 

1. Create storage

To easily find your food in the kitchen, bet everything on a storage system. Shelves, spice boxes or airtight boxes, there are hundreds of ways to organize your kitchen. Check for examples at Homary. It’s up to you to find the one that suits you. Smart and practical organization, for example putting your food in transparent jars with labels, will save you a lot of time when cooking.

If tidying up your kitchen seems insurmountable, give yourself one task a day: start with tidying up the cutlery drawers, then move on to storing your food, and finish with organizing your fridge.

2. Add a dedicated kitchen utensil rack

Design and practical, you can also add a rack above your worktop, cooking hobs or simply on one of the walls of your kitchen. In black steel, this rack will bring an industrial touch to your kitchen. Attach your kitchen utensils, your dish towel and even small pans.

3. Structure the space

If your room is small, consider structuring the space. A mosaic wall above your hobs, a colored wall for your breakfast area or a simple mural on your wall, a delimitation will allow you to find your bearings more easily and create different spaces. To keep a certain harmony, choose neutral colors such as gray, white or black and decorate them with small elements of color.

4. Opt for an open kitchen

In recent years, the open kitchen has been on the rise. Whether in student studios, in New York lofts, in mansions or in the most designer villas, the open kitchen is trendy and ultra practical. In addition to bringing a friendly and warm atmosphere to a room, it has the gift of enlarging the space in the blink of an eye. To create a contemporary atmosphere, add some industrial notes with a brick wall, metal pendant lights or concrete elements.

5. Add light fixtures

Indispensable for cooking and bringing a touch of modernity to your room, the lights invite themselves above your worktop or your island. Bulbs for an industrial style, tubes for a designer atmosphere or recessed spotlights for a minimalist style, there are solutions to illuminate your room. All you have to do is choose.

3 practical tips to save time

If you don’t have a lot of time to cook or don’t like being in the kitchen, here are some tips to save you time.

  • Invest in glass Tupperware: your food will stay fresh longer and you can easily see what’s inside.
  • To cut your onions without crying, opt for a mechanical slicer or simply rinse your onions before slicing with a sharp knife.
  • Cut up your vegetables in advance and freeze them so you always have a pan of vegetables on hand.

How to properly clean your kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the spaces that must be cleaned with special attention. Here are two tips to clean your kitchen in minutes:

  • Clean your kitchen from top to bottom so you don’t have to go over a surface you’ve just cleaned.
  • Change or wash your sponges, tea towels and dish towels regularly to prevent them from becoming breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

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