AFL Guernseys: Unveiling the Stories Behind the Stripes

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Australians are passionate about their national sport, Australian Rules Football (AFL). One of the most iconic elements of the AFL is the team guernseys, which are more than just uniforms. These distinctive striped jerseys carry significant historical, cultural, and symbolic meaning for each team and their supporters. In this blog article, we will delve into the rich heritage and stories behind the stripes on afl guernseys, exploring the origins, evolution, and unique narratives that have shaped these iconic garments.

The Evolution of Guernseys

AFL guernseys have come a long way since the inception of the sport. Initially, teams wore plain jumpers with no specific patterns or designs. However, as the sport grew in popularity, clubs sought unique visual identities to distinguish themselves on the field.

The first notable guernsey designs emerged in the late 19th century when teams began incorporating distinctive colors, stripes, and emblems. These early designs often reflected the club’s origins, with colors linked to local industries, historical references, or regional identities. Over time, the guernseys evolved, adopting more complex and intricate patterns that further reflected the individuality of each team.

Symbolism and Tradition

Every stripe, color, and emblem on an AFL guernsey holds symbolic significance for the team and its supporters. For example, the Essendon Bombers’ guernsey features a sash, symbolizing the sashes worn by Australian soldiers during World War I. It serves as a reminder of the club’s historical connection to the Essendon Aerodrome, which was an important airbase during the war.

Similarly, the Richmond Tigers’ yellow and black guernsey represents their mascot and team name, symbolizing strength, power, and ferocity on the field. The Western Bulldogs’ guernsey incorporates a tricolor design, representing the club’s multicultural fan base and the diverse communities it represents.

Indigenous Designs

In recent years, AFL teams have embraced Indigenous Round, a week dedicated to celebrating and honoring Indigenous culture and players. During this round, many clubs don guernseys with unique Indigenous designs that pay tribute to the First Nations people.

These Indigenous-themed guernseys often feature intricate patterns, traditional symbols, and artwork created by Indigenous artists. They serve as a powerful reminder of the contribution and influence of Indigenous athletes in the sport and promote reconciliation and understanding.

Guernseys as Historical Time Capsules

AFL guernseys can also act as historical time capsules, preserving and commemorating important moments in a club’s history. For example, the Collingwood Magpies’ guernsey includes a black and white stripes design, which dates back to the club’s formation in the late 19th century.

Similarly, the Sydney Swans’ guernsey incorporates a red and white design that pays homage to the club’s origins as the South Melbourne Football Club. This guernsey serves as a link to the club’s relocation to Sydney and represents the shared history between South Melbourne and Sydney Swans supporters.


AFL guernseys are more than just uniforms; they encapsulate the stories, traditions, and identities of each team and their loyal supporters. From the early plain jumpers to the intricate designs seen today, guernseys have evolved and become powerful symbols that connect fans with their team’s history and values. Whether it’s the symbolism, tradition, Indigenous designs, or historical significance, the stripes on AFL guernseys continue to ignite passion and pride among fans, showcasing the unique narratives behind each team in the league.

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