Access to Health – A Fortune for Underprivileged Communities

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“Whether Rich or poor, a wholesome life is essential to keep the mind and body strong. That’s why the role of an NGO working for health in India is to bring health and well-being to the deprived class of society” 

Most people think that health is a concern of medical facilities available to an individual. This is a limiting belief as the scope extends to something bigger. Health unites the wellness of mind, body and soul where a person is free of diseases and stress. However, achieving this is not possible for all. There are enough people who don’t have access to basic healthcare facilities, let alone a mindful approach to living. Health and healthcare are basic needs, yet numerous people are deprived of them. The poor class of society struggles every day with the necessities of life, making healthcare a hard-to-achieve goal. To tackle this prevailing issue, an NGO working for health in India has a great role to play.  

The difficulties that a poor person faces every day range from lack of food, shelter and healthcare. However, real distress occurs with a lack of primary healthcare centers in the case of emergencies. This list goes on adding to the miseries of underprivileged people.  

In this blog, we will understand how NGOs can bring a change in the lives of children, young adults and older people in poor communities.  

Role of An NGO Working for Health in India  

Spreading Knowledge and Awareness  

Whether it is physical or mental health, both are equally important for a person. The concept of sustainable living is possible only with the elimination of stress and the maintenance of well-being. The poorer sections of society have little knowledge of how to achieve such a standard. Along with that, the limited means restrict them from focusing on their health. When it comes to diseases and medical emergencies, they don’t have access to quality care. Sometimes, it’s the lack of means that prevents them from getting help, other times it is insufficient knowledge and awareness.  

NGOs take initiatives to create awareness and spread knowledge so that these people seek help. The idea is to develop a consciousness of taking medical aid for any kind of physical or mental ailment.  

Focus on Maternal and Child Healthcare  

For any community women and children are the most important. Their well-being is a step towards a healthier generation that will eventually support the community. Both women and children are also more vulnerable to disorders. The high rate of maternal and infant mortality rates depicts the need for proper care during pregnancy. On the other hand, children deserve a malnutrition and disease-free life. This issue is the direct cause of poor primary healthcare facilities in the underserved sections of society.  

An NGO working for health in India understands the importance of safeguarding women and children. It takes measures to ensure that vulnerable groups get access to clinics and ambulances. It usually works in remote locations to provide quality healthcare in case of emergencies. 

Addressing Administrative Flaws and Challenges 

Poverty is not a phenomenon that can’t be changed overnight. It can take years to create a living standard that is free from deprivation. Over the years, the administration has made many efforts to bring positive changes but there is still a long way to go. Only collective efforts can make a dent in the prevailing class inequality that leads to communities with limited means. Here NGOs come into play, to initiate action towards a better future. The core areas of importance are infrastructure, transportation, availability of doctors and necessary medical equipment.   

NGOs collaborate with individuals and organize healthcare camps for rural and poor populations. These camps have adequate doctors and sufficient medical supplies to meet the requirements. This step ensures that healthcare is accessible to all.  


When it comes to health and healthcare it must not be a privilege, rather it must be a basic right available to all. However, the condition is worse and needs immediate action. NGOs lend a helping hand in this situation with awareness campaigns, medical camps and financial aid.  

Lovely Foundation understands the urgency of this situation and takes the initiative towards the cause of healthcare accessibility to underprivileged people. The volunteers of the foundation work tirelessly to reach vulnerable parts of society and support them via camps and financial aid. Their determination is a light of hope toward a better future.

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