A Review Of The Cubic Foot Convection Grill Microwave Oven

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During a recent two-week test, I used the Cuisinart CMW-200 1-1/5 cubic foot Convection Microwave Oven With Grill. I did this so that I could provide anybody thinking about buying this model a thorough assessment. I used this in its stead after putting my regular microwave in storage. I did this so that I could see clearly how this device operates under typical everyday use. This is my evaluation.

Cuisinart Grill Microwave Oven

You could expect to pay around $250 for this Cuisinart microwave oven, including delivery. When it comes to pricing, this is on the pricier end of the mid-range, therefore expectations should be set appropriately. The extra convection and grill functions, which are absent from most models, are one of the factors contributing to the increased price. I took my new grill microwave oven out of the box and examined it. It has an inner volume of 1-1/5 cubic feet, making it rather big.

It is finished in a neat brushed steel. The form is really attractive and elegant. This model has a strong, robust overall feel about it. The door securely shuts. It features several pre-set buttons on its digital touch controls. It includes a spinning glass tray that is quite sturdy and robust. Also, it has a grill rack that can be turned around and has legs on both sides for a choice of two different heights. While it doesn’t seem as sturdy as the turntable or the machine itself, the grill rack isn’t particularly cheap-feeling either.

Microwave Oven Is Often Kept On The Countertop

The amount of clearance required for this item startled me when I read the owner’s handbook that came with it. 3 inches must be left on each side, 3 inches in the rear, and 12 inches on top. My microwave oven is often kept on the countertop, which has cabinets 18 inches above it. There is no way I can keep this model there since it is just a little over 14 inches tall. This is important to remember since many counters have cabinets above them, and the distance between the two is seldom more than 26 inches. During the review period, I improvised a microwave cart out of an old TV stand. If your kitchen has an island, you might also store this item there. After using this microwave oven, I could tell that the additional space was required since it becomes hot while in “grill” mode.

Simple To Use And Straightforward

Let’s talk about this device’s microwave oven first. With 1000 watts of power, it is incredibly powerful. For routine activities like boiling veggies or popping popcorn, it works nicely. It warms up fast and uniformly, and I couldn’t detect any of the “hot zones” that often happen with less expensive versions. The controls are simple to use and straightforward. This microwave oven is effective.

This Appliance’s Convection And Grill Features

Let’s now discuss this appliance’s convection and grill features. While utilizing the grill function, you have three choices: 100 percent grilling, 30 percent microwave and 70 percent grill, or 55 percent microwave and 45 percent grill. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of grilling vs microwaving is crucial. The quickest method of cooking food is in the microwave, which is substantially faster.
It does this by effectively steaming everything while superheating the water present in the meal. Grilling (or convection baking) delivers a dryer heat that warms and cooks food considerably more slowly. But, the final product may have far superior taste thanks to that dry heat. Browning food allows for the development of tastes that microwave cooking is unable to provide. Food that is wet is less likely as a result.

Appliance Cooks Meals More Effectively

With the grill or convection baking mode, this appliance takes a while to warm up. 350 degrees Fahrenheit is reached in approximately 20 minutes, and 400 degrees F is reached in about 30 minutes. That is around how long my old full-sized oven takes, but if you are used to a newer, more effective oven, it will take you longer. After the desired temperature is attained, the grilling or baking function produces decent but not exceptional results. My conventional oven or toaster oven delivers superior food browning and crisping, in my opinion.

Yet I’d also assert that this appliance cooks meals more effectively than a microwave. I appreciate the possibility of employing a combination of grilling and microwaves. This presents you with a fantastic “in-between” alternative that cooks your food more rapidly than a conventional oven while still allowing for some browning that is often absent from microwave-cooked food. That setting, in my experience, works best for skinless meat slices but not for items like chicken legs with the skin on.
This is an effective appliance all around with plenty of adaptability. For additional details on this model and many others, go to Microwave Oven Reviews. A helpful shopping guide and hundreds of reviews are both available to you.
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