A Day in the Life of a Local: Experiencing Egypt Through the Eyes of a Resident

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The Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Nile River are perhaps the first images that come to mind when you think about Egypt tours. But this intriguing nation is so much more than only its well-known historical attractions. Immerse yourself in Egyptian culture and daily life if you wish to spend your Egypt tour like a local. Here is an example of what a regular day may be like for someone living in Egypt.

Morning Rituals

In Egypt, the day starts early with the call to prayer echoing across the streets well before sunrise. While others take advantage of the peace and quiet of the early hours, many locals get up and go to the mosque for morning prayers. Breakfast is often a straightforward meal that includes foods such as medames, a stew made of fava beans, and taameya, along with bread and tea.

School And Work Commute

After breakfast is finished, residents must go to work or school. Finding your way through Cairo’s congested streets and dense traffic is a daily challenge. While some locals choose to navigate the traffic on motorcycles or tuk-tuks, the majority use public transportation like buses or the metro.

Lunch Is the Main Meal

In Egypt, lunch is the largest meal of the day. Popular selections include hearty foods like moussaka, an eggplant and tomato casserole, and grilled meats. Koshari is a dish made of rice, pasta, lentils, and chickpeas and is served with a hot tomato sauce. People should take a break from their hectic schedules around this time to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

Noontime Siesta

The pace of life slows down in the midday heat as folks take a nap to cool down. For a few hours, many shops and companies close their doors, which calms down the streets. Residents can unwind and rejuvenate before the evening activities at this time.

Evening Conversation

The sounds of children playing, vendors peddling their wares, and the call to prayer fill the streets as the sun sets. To catch up with friends over a cup of tea or a shisha (water pipe), many locals visiting their local coffee shop or tea house. It’s a time to relax and spend quality time with loved ones.

Simple Dinner

In Egypt, dinner is typically a lighter meal that includes foods like lentil soup, stuffed grape leaves, and fiteer, a type of flatbread that is typically topped with honey or cheese. People frequently stroll along the Nile after supper or buy in nearby marketplaces.

Evening Entertainment 

Locals usually relax by watching television or listening to music before going to bed. Egyptian TV is renowned for its captivating comedies and soap operas that enthrall viewers of all ages.

Local Egyptian life is a fusion of tradition and modernity with a focus on family and community. It’s a genuine and enlightening encounter that transcends the confines of any travel guide. Immerse yourself in the local culture with our cultural tours. Contact Right Travel today, and let’s start planning your next adventure. Your journey begins here!



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