A Comprehensive Guide to Tombstones and Funeral Monuments

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The tombstones is made up of many elements and its price varies enormously depending on what one chooses. Here is all you need to know.

When it comes to burying a loved one, choosing the right tombstone is an important decision. From the different components of a tombstone to the factors affecting its price, this blog aims to provide you with valuable insights into this topic. By understanding the elements involved and considering various factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting a tombstone.

Components of a Tombstone:

A tombstone consists of four main elements:
a. Sole: The sole acts as the foundation of the monument and delineates the burial plot. It may consist of one or more parts depending on the design and requirements.

b. Base: The base is in direct contact with the ground and comes in various shapes. It provides stability and support to the tombstone.

c. Stele: The stele is the vertical part of the tombstone where the name and dates of the deceased are typically engraved. It serves as a prominent identifier.

d. Tombstone: The tombstone covers the base and may also feature engravings with information about the deceased. It adds a finishing touch to the monument.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Tombstone:

When establishing a budget for a tombstone, consider the following factors:
a. Model and Size: The design and size of the tombstone can significantly impact its price. Elaborate or larger tombstones generally cost more than simpler or smaller ones.

b. Chosen Material: The type of material used for the tombstone, such as marble, granite, or other options, affects the overall cost. Each material has its own unique qualities and price range.

c. Place of Burial: The location of the burial site can influence the price due to regional variations in labor and material costs.

d. Transportation and Installation: Expenses related to transporting the tombstone to the burial site and the professional installation services should be factored into the budget.

e. Ornamentation and Funerary Accessories: Additional features like engravings, sculptures, plaques, or other funeral ornaments contribute to the overall cost. The specific choices made by the family and the complexity of the design determine the price, typically ranging between $140 and $320 for such accessories.

How much does a burial cost?

Prices for funeral marble work vary by region. In the USA region, for example, the price will be higher than in the provinces.

Also, there may be different costs related to the concession, in its construction or because there are foundations to establish for example.

Ornamentation and funeral accessories, what to choose and at what price?
Engraving is generally added to the headstones monument to write the name of the deceased, their dates or even a message. Count 10 $ per character.

A sculpture (in the shape of a religious sign, heart, etc.) can be added to the tombstone. As well as funerary ornaments such as plaques, or a bronze rose for example. The price varies according to what each family requires from the marble workers. It is between 140 and 320 $ .


Selecting a tombstone is a meaningful and personal decision when honoring a departed loved one. By understanding the components of a tombstone and considering factors such as size, material, location, transportation, and ornamentation, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your preferences and budget. Remember that a tombstone serves as a lasting tribute, embodying the memories and legacy of the person who has passed away.



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