A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Rack PDUs

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There are varying mounting orientations and lengths. There are different features and setups. Selecting the ideal rack power distribution unit(PDU) for your server rack can be challenging when there are so many options. Because of this, it’s critical to thoroughly assess your demands before choosing. To assist you in selecting the best PDU for your rack, we have put together this PDU buying guide. 

When Choosing a PDU, Consider the Following: 

With so many factors to consider, choosing might be challenging. Before choosing a rack PDU, consider these questions to assist you in selecting the best configuration for your server rack and data center. 

What’s its outlet count? 

Vertical PDU length is restricted only by server cabinet height and determines outlet count. Basic vertical PDUs have 40 or more staggered outlets. PDUs can split the circuit into many branches via fuses or circuit breakers. Alternating phase PDUs distribute electricity per outlet. 

Are Outlets Color-Coded? 

Color-coded outlets and circuit breakers help prevent overloading by identifying circuit layouts. Traditional PDU outlets are branch-based. High-density PDUs unite alternating-phase outlets to ease load balancing, reduce cord clutter, and add outlets. 

What Is the PDUs Footprint? 

Despite not requiring any equipment space, 0U (vertical) PDUs must be considered for cable management and heat dissipation because of their footprint. Ultra-low-profile designs increase airflow and operational efficiency by taking up less space. When several PDUs are utilized to supply redundant power sources, this becomes even more crucial. 

What is the PDUs operating temperature? 

Vertical PDUs are exposed to the hot exhaust air from the IT equipment since they are mounted in the back of server cabinets. High-temperature-rated PDUs lower the likelihood of failure. 

Does the PDU have the ability to measure things? 

Metering PDUs enables data center operators to plan for capacity and maximize energy utilization while lowering the danger of overflowing. Real-time phase and circuit breaker monitoring is done via input-metered PDUs. Outlet-metered PDUs also monitor power loads at the outlet level. Technicians can examine this data remotely thanks to PDUs that are network-connected. 

Are there switched outlets on the PDU? 

Switched outlets let technicians remotely turn on, off, and reboot equipment and sequence power-ups. Access control prevents unauthorized outlet use. 

Is the PDU Universal? 

A seven-pin connector on universal PDUs allows for interchangeable input power cables. Even though data center facilities have various power sources, this enables multinational corporations to use the same PDUs throughout their environment. Additionally, it lets data center managers adjust to shifting power needs. 

Knowing what equipment will be installed is the first step in choosing a rack PDU. IT equipment will determine the kind and number of outlets and the necessary power consumption. Whips and input cords can be sized suitably using the estimated power requirements and site voltage information. 

Preventing overloaded circuits and high-temperature applications should need additional attention. Metered rack PDUs reduce downtime by warning administrators before circuit overload occurs. Instead of just instantaneous measurements, they offer historical power usage data, which can be utilized to make better judgments. Elcom International offers the best rack PDU. 

Almost any data center cabinet can be equipped with one or two rack PDUs, which can be standardized in most circumstances. 


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