A Complete Guide for FreeSWITCH based SIP Trunking Solution Development

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The VoIP industry is mammoth, and its growth is predicted to grow by a CAGR rate of 8.3% by the year 2023 (Source). The existing players in this industry are now in the momentum and new players are entering with alluring offers. To keep the market growing and gain a competitive edge to cover maximum revenue share, service providers have to use modern and digitized platforms. Of course, all VoIP solutions are modern and digitized, but it is necessary to have competitive solutions that can handle the increasing competition, demand, etc. FreeSWITCH custom development is popular because of its amazing performance and stability for any type of communication solution. A SIP trunking solution is one of the most popular systems in this industry because it helps in routing calls and managing different SIP lines. Using FreeSWITCH, one of the most reliable, scalable, and robust systems can be developed.

Whether you are an existing service provider or a newbie in the market that is interested in developing a FreeSWITCH SIP trunk solution, this guide will be really helpful for you. In this article, I will cover how you can develop the best solution using FreeSWITCH.

What is a SIP Trunking Platform?

The whole VoIP industry works on the phenomenon of voice over internet protocol. In simple words, voice and other forms of communication are transmitted over internet lines. A SIP line is the line that provides this facility for the transmission of calls. A SIP trunk will have a collection of SIP lines and it provides call routing services to let providers transmit voice, video, data, rich communication, and other forms of collaboration over internet lines.

A SIP trunking system can handle multiple other jobs depending on the personalization of the software.

How to Develop the Best FreeSWITCH Based SIP Trunking Software?

The first great step is already taken by you by making a decision to build a FreeSWITCH SIP trunk because FreeSWITCH is a much better platform to handle large volumes of calls and data. It will be able to deliver exceptional performance.

Let’s explore the top tips and recommendations in a stepwise manner to explore how to develop a reliable SIP trunking solution.

1. Define Resource Allocation

The best thing you can do is hire a FreeSWITCH development company and share your plan for developing the best platform in this industry. They will manage technical aspects. You will not need to manage developers, hosting providers, and several other technical details because everything will be managed by the company that offers you FreeSWITCH development services.

Another option is you can set up a team of FreeSWITCH developers on your premises and use them for developing a custom solution. In this case, you need to either put a project manager on board or you need to stay active to make sure everything goes as per plan, and you can hit the market with the best SIP trunking system as per the deadline.

Regardless of the option selected, you can follow the rest of the steps mentioned in this article. The only difference is you will need to convey them to your in-house team of the company that you have hired for the job.

2. Define Features

General features of the SIP trunking software will be very well known to your developers whether that is your in-house team or the offshore one. But what you need to discuss is competitive features, value-added functionalities, etc. For example, if you want to add something related to artificial intelligence, then that needs to be conveyed to your developers. If you want to add a VoIP billing solution, then you need to make sure that it is discussed with your FreeSWITCH development company.

3. Define the Roadmap of the Software

As a thought leader, you may want to add all features and functionalities in your software, but it would increase FreeSWITCH custom development timeline and cause some challenges. It is necessary to define phases and decide which software you want to launch first and how you want to move ahead with further version releases. Your offshore company or technical team can guide you on this part of the business.

4. Define Technology Related Aspects

FreeSWITCH has several benefits but at the same time some complicated decisions to make. You can use the enterprise or community version. You can either develop functionalities from scratch or you may choose to use paid APIs, libraries, or even commercial modules. You can take the help of onboard FreeSWITCH developers to make the right decision related to technology and technical aspects.

5. Invest in Testing and Quality Assurance

Many companies and service providers fail because of a buggy product. Even if your developers have put their best efforts into FreeSWITCH custom development and alpha testing, it is possible to miss out on some bugs. Developers also tend to leave “Known Bugs” unresolved on the table. Thus, it is a must to invest in software testing and quality assurance. A third-party software testing company can be your pal because they will test the software without any biases.

6. Stay Upgraded

Many businesses are in a stale position because once the software is developed, they sit back and relax by putting everything in autopilot mode. But, in an industry like VoIP where everything is dominated by technology, it is necessary to keep upgrading. You need to upgrade your SIP trunking platform, technology, infrastructure, and even your business strategy to stay competitive and even ahead of the competition.


SIP trunking business has huge potential because it handles a crucial job in the SIP telephony industry. Thus, launching your product would be a great move to seize the industry. The selection of FreeSWITCH for developing your product to manage the SIP trunking business is another smart move because FreeSWITCH is a more modular, flexible, elastic, and reliable platform. It helps develop a highly scalable, robust, secure, and feature-rich SIP trunking solution. Whether you use FreeSWITCH development services from an offshore company or onboard a technical team, keep the guide shared in this article in your mind to ensure you not only build a great product but also dominate the market.

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