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American Swimming Class

We apply our ALA swimming Lifeguard class service in the indoor swimming pool of Akdeniz University. We have two different options as weekdays and weekends. If you want to receive high quality group education for children and adults.

We are at your service. You can get high efficiency from group Lifeguard class with our experienced and expert trainers in groups that are not crowded. In our group swimming trainings that continue for 12 months, the groups consist of a maximum of 10 people.

ALA Private Swimming with lifeguard class Lesson

ALA  private swimming with lifeguard class ecoservice is a service where you can get much more efficient and faster results than group training.

In this service, a single trainer will teach you the skills you need. In group training, the time that the instructor allocates to the students is very little. By explaining the education, he should give, he expects students to understand and apply the movement.

Where are private swimming lessons given?

We provide service in the Centre of American. We give swimming lifeguard class in the pools we have contracted with. You can choose the pool closest to you as a location.

You can benefit from our private swimming lifeguard class service in the pools at your home or on your site, provided that the necessary administrator permissions are obtained in line with your request.

Who can benefit from private swimming lessons?

Anyone from 7 to 77 in the American lifeguard region can benefit from swimming lessons in Antalya. We have training programs for adults, children, babies, pregnant women, those who have health problems.

individuals who want to swim for treatment purposes and those who want to improve themselves for exams. As USA swimming class, we are at your service to fulfill your goals and wishes as soon as possible, within the scope of scientific knowledge.

Who gives swimming lessons?

All class within the lifeguard swimming class are given by Emre Tuner, an expert in his field, who has a coaching certificate affiliated with the swimming federation, has a lifeguard Training, has been licensed in swimming in the past, has worked as a swimming coach in many private clubs and private schools.

What is the content of private swimming lessons?

American Lifeguard swimming class our student, who receives private lessons, comes to his first lesson, he is subjected to tests determined by our swimming coach. After these tests, the trainer fills out the individual’s qualification form and creates the curriculum in accordance with the level of the individual. After programming, the lesson begins.

The coach both explains the information to the student theoretically and provides the flow of the program by showing it in practice in the water. The trainings continue through the personal program prepared by the trainer. Instead of the standard program, a personalized program is used to ensure that the lessons are more efficient.

Can we take swimming with lifeguard class lessons as a group?

Within the American lifeguard association swimming class, you can take group swimming lifeguard class with two or three people at the same time, according to your request. As the number of people increases, the amount of time that the trainer will allocate to the trainees will decrease.

So, the efficiency is directly affected. Although group trainings are not as efficient as one-to-one private lessons, it is possible for you to reach your goal. The training process may take a little longer than one-to-one private lessons.

How should a trainer be selected for private swimming lessons?

If you want to take private swimming lessons, the most important thing to consider is the choice of an instructor. Working with an experienced, knowledgeable coach who can analyze the psychological state of the student well and determine lifeguard class methods in line with these analyses directly affects the education process and quality.

How to apply private swimming lessons for children?

You can take advantage of our private swimming lessons for children in any pool you request. We offer our lessons accompanied by fun games specially prepared for age groups.

First of all, necessary studies are carried out in order for the student to love the water and the instructor. Then, basic swimming techniques are transferred to the students with the most up-to-date methods suitable for swimming science.

We use the pedagogical with lifeguard class programs we received before in every aspect of our lessons in order to teach swimming with pleasure.

We are aware of how precious your children are to you. In addition to making them love water, pool and swimming with lifeguard class, we try to instill sports awareness and culture.

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