6 Stunning Hair Colors Perfect For a Bride-to-Be

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Your wedding day is a picture-perfect event — that’s a given. You’ll probably be hanging your wedding portrait on your wall, and that photo stays with you for years. So the goal is for you to look dazzling on your special day.

Your hair is a big part of your overall wedding look as it can frame your face in a certain way, emphasize elements of your appearance, or allow you to flaunt your personality.

On top of that, your hairstyle and hair color should look well following your skin tone, the cut and shade of your wedding gown, your makeup, and your own preference to create a comprehensive and complementary appearance.

6 Stunning Hair Colors Perfect For a Bride-to-Be

Take it from the renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown, who said, “the color of your hair actually changes the way your complexion looks, and your favorite makeup colors may no longer be flattering.”

So here are six hair colors that might look perfect on you for your wedding day.

  1. Your natural hair color (with an elevated look)

Let’s not delve too far. You can wear your natural hair color as it is for a more cohesive look, consistent with how people see you. It will also allow you to highlight everything you wear, including your makeup, jewelry, and wedding gown.

A significant advantage of wearing your usual hair color to your wedding day is that you’ve personally tested the look suitable for you, making it a great classic option.

If you want to spice things up but don’t feel like straying too far from your natural hair color, hair stylists recommend going for one to two shades lighter. This subtle change offers something new and brightens up your face.

If you have naturally dark hair, go for a chocolate brown, whereas if you’re already on the lighter side, you can have ash brown highlights just to add dimension to your hair.

Let’s say you still want to take things a notch further from here but still be on the safer side. You can opt for an ombre look with your natural dark color on the upper part, gradually fading lighter toward the tips.

However, this doesn’t necessarily apply if you haven’t worn your natural hair color for years. In this context, go for the hair color people know you for to retain that uniform look unless you have a sentimental reason for returning to your roots — literally.

  1. Ash Brown

Many flattering brown hair colors suit a bride about to walk down the aisle. Ash brown is a cool-tone color that gives off that modern elegance and is an excellent choice for hair color as you can avoid the brassy tendency of warm-tone browns.

Since ash brown hair color can be a statement feature despite being still on the darker side, you may want to tone down your makeup. The sheen of your hair may be best paired with neutral shimmers on the eyes and nude lips to make you appear more radiant than ever.

  1. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown hair is a top option if you want to put much more emphasis on your glam wedding day look.

It’s an elevated dark color that allows for a more laid-back appearance while still giving a hint of color under direct sunlight. Thus, it is a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding or reception. Plus, it looks good on most skin tones, so that’s one concern off of your list.

You can add golden highlights to this color for a little extra dimension. Complement this with golden or bronze-goddess makeup, very on-trend feathered brows, and nude lips glazed with gloss or bold in red or plum.

From here on, we’re now entering bolder and brighter territory.

  1. Platinum Blonde with dark roots

Walking down the aisle in blonde? Sure! Here are things you may want to consider to achieve the look.

If you’re a natural blonde or want to sport a blonde look for your wedding day, you must schedule your salon appointment around a week before your big day to keep the color bright. In addition, use purple shampoo to avoid developing a yellow undertone. You may also want to keep your roots black for wearability and to prevent problematic regrowth.

Rock your blonde hair with either of these makeup looks:

  • Soft pastels,
  • Smokey eyes to bring out your hair color, or
  • Pink eyeshadows to plump your skin with natural radiance.
  1. “Mulled Wine” Red

Red hair may not be for everyone — let alone a bride-to-be on their wedding day —but if you’re one of those people who can slay red on your special day, which means you have tried the look months before the date with an experienced hair stylist, then, by all means, go for it.

The “Mulled Wine” Red is on the darker side of the color spectrum, with hints of blue, violet, and purple. Aside from being a modern take on a classic hue, the color makes your hair appear fuller and is sure to make you stand out.

Make sure you use special shampoos and conditioners that won’t dull the color before your wedding day. Avoid heat treatments and ironing, as these may damage your dyed hair.

This pop of color is best paired with a soft look: perhaps a soft glam focused on the eyeshadows, keeping those browns merely feathered and the lips nude.

But what if you want to go red but not all the way there?

Then, consider a chestnut brown hair color.

  1. Chestnut Brown

Chestnut brown has a warm red undertone that can give you a muted pop of scarlet hue. This hair color minimizes the brassiness of your hair and can be further mitigated by blue shampoo. Schedule an appointment with your hairstylist a week before your wedding day to fix any concerns and ensure you pull off any look such as hair extensions or a quirky hair cut.

Wrapping Up

If you’re still undecided, remember that brown hair colors are safe and classic options, while blonde and red ones allow you to perk up your special day with a pop of color and a little bit of your personality.

Whatever hair color you choose should make you feel good and camera-ready when photographed against all the splash of hue on and around you. It should add beauty to your already gorgeous face and glimmer to an already magical moment.

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