Wigs For Older Women
Get a bold look with bob layered wigs

6 Most Comfortable Wigs For Older Women

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As you age, your body goes through many changes, like aging skin, graying of hair, and much more. Many don’t like to face these issues as these changes can take us by storm! But that doesn’t mean these changes are bad. While aging with grace is a wonderful thing itself, many hair extension brands witnessed the desire to look youthful during this time.  These brands came up with a solution to keep your youth intact! The solution being wigs. Now, you might think wigs are uncomfortable, look unnatural, and can be detected easily.

If you think wigs are for the ones having health issues, well, that’s not the case. Women of all ages wear wigs for various purposes, like protecting their hair from pollution, experimenting with different hairstyles without damaging their natural hair, and more. 

You can curb that concerning hairfall and look stylish at the same time with the help of wigs! You will come across two types of wigs, such as human hair and synthetic hair wigs. While both give a natural look to your hair, human hair wigs are considered better as they give a comparatively better look. However, choosing the right wig depends on the usage and maintenance of the wigs. Here is a list of wigs for older women which will never let you grow out of your youthful days:

1. Bob-Cut Layered Human Hair/ Synthetic Wig

According to the fashion trends, short hair has become a woman’s best friend, as it is easy to maintain, gives a bold look, and suits any occasion. Bob cut wigs are topping the trend charts as a lot of women are loving the look they have to offer. To perfect the look, you can choose layered short hair wigs. 

2. Shoulder-Length Synthetic/ Human Hair Wig

If you prefer a hair length that’s neither short nor long, shoulder-length hair wigs are the perfect fit for you! Wigs come in 5 types, such as lace wigs (full lace and lace front), monofilament wigs (single and double), combination wigs, polyurethane thin skin wigs, and capless wigs. Because every woman has a different need, they can choose which one suits them the best. 

3. Long Hair Monofilament Wigs

Having long hair is still a dream for many women, but not anymore. Age is not an obstacle to getting long hair anymore. In fact, you can get long hair without applying different solutions to your hair or waiting for it to grow naturally. Just get a long hair monofilament wig and get long hair whenever you want!

4. Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are the best option for those who want to create their own hairline parting. These are available in both human hair and synthetic hair wigs. Here, human or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a lace base that goes over your scalp. 

The best part is that these wigs can be worn during various activities like exercising, swimming, and more. This makes lace front wigs a popular choice among many women! These wigs for older women are particularly comfortable as they allow you to choose a hairline and the soft lace prevents you from getting an itchy scalp. 

5. Pixie Cut Wigs For Face Shapes

If you are one of those women who love face-framing accessories, a pixie cut wig is the one for you! Be it heart-shaped, oval, round, square, or any other face shape, this cut will suit all! Such wigs are easy to maintain and suit your pocket. 

6. Style With Heat Friendly Wigs (All Lengths)

Love to style your hair? Well, it is not a dream anymore! Along with comfort, there are wigs for older women that can be heat-styled the way you want. Be it synthetic or human hair wigs, you can curl, straighten, or wave the hair. You can also add color to it if you want a break from the usual look.

The hair industry has evolved over a period of time. It has introduced a variety of hair extensions and wigs. While it is good news, it has also confused many women. But worry not because style expert Paula Young has answered some frequently asked questions. With years of experience in the industry, they’re the ones we trust the most!

Which Wig To Choose: Human Hair Or Synthetic?

Usually, it is recommended to use human hair wigs to give your hair a natural look; but, when choosing wigs for older women, it is recommended to use synthetic wigs. This is because synthetic wigs come pre-styled, while human hair extensions are made of real human hair and need to be styled and maintained from time to time. 

Synthetic wigs are comparatively cheaper in price and are easy to use and maintain. However, their lifespan is shorter than that of a human hair wig, but it is pretty convenient for older women. 

What Is The Most Comfortable Wig For Older Women?

While the wigs mentioned above are every woman’s favorite, the most comfortable wigs for older women are monofilament wigs. These wigs are comparatively thin and give a more realistic look when compared to a fully wefted machine-made cap.  

Where To Buy The Best Synthetic Wigs?

The hair industry is loaded with companies that offer wigs made with the latest technology, but not all are able to offer good quality at low prices. There are only some brands that customers can rely on. One of the most trusted brands is Paula Young. This wigs and hair extensions brand offers both synthetic and human hair products. It has wigs for older women as well as women belonging to other age groups. 

You can choose short, medium-length, and long hair wigs from the website. They also offer a variety of colors and styles. You can be confident about the quality of their wigs and hair pieces, while the comfort level is fantastic. 


Aging is inevitable, and a fact that everyone must accept. However, as one grows older, our wants and needs change. Dealing with our changing skin and hair can become overwhelming. But, with the help of wigs and extensions, aging has once again become a natural process that must be cherished. 

The hair industry has come up with a solution for this major problem, wigs. Usually, hair wigs are thought to be for women with genetically less hair or sick ones. However, that’s not the case. Hair wigs are used by women of all ages, and they can be used for various purposes. 

If you look at wigs for older women, there are 6 wigs that are comfortable and provide you with a great look, such as short hair wigs, shoulder-length wigs, long hair monofilament wigs, lace front wigs, heat-style friendly wigs, and pixie cut wigs for all face shapes. These wigs cover all aspects most older women worry about.

While all wigs are great to use, monofilament wigs are the most comfortable of them all. Choose Paula Young’s wigs as they are pocket friendly and are of an excellent quality. They offer premium human hair and synthetic wigs. Choose the wig that suits your face the best and live those youthful days again!

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