5 Ways to Prevent Rats and Mice in Your Home

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If you have ever had mice and rats invade your home, you know how disturbing they can be. These small animals are a huge threat to your cozy home. They pose a huge threat to your property and hygiene. For that reason, you would want to invest in pest control methods that will prevent rats and mice from invading your living space. If you are not so lucky and these rodents have already infested your home, services are the best bet for you chargomez1.


Prevention is better than cure and for pests, you would rather exercise control through proactive means than reacting to an already infested space. Here are 5 ways to help you prevent mice and rats from invading your home:


  1. Seal All gaps and cracks within your home


If you don’t provide room for pests to enter your home, you will least likely find them within your living space. Therefore, check all walls, windows, floors, and doors for any cracks and gaps that may give rodents way into your home.


Ensure that you on these surfaces and drains to prevent pests from entering your home. You will have to do this from time to time because your home is prone to attack through either natural or biological causes.


  1. Maintain a Clean Home


Remove clutter within your home. Pests thrive in untidy places and therefore, removing all manner of dirt and clutter will help you address this problem. Hidden shelters brought about by dirt are conducive environments for mice and rats. This is more especially during winter. Therefore, keeping your home clean will help manage the situation facial po.


Remove any piles of wood and newspaper within your home and keep them in an offsite location. Firewood for your fireplace should only be brought into the house when it’s needed for that particular moment. This will help get rid of these troublesome rodents.


  1. Dispose of Trash and Litter Safely


Rodents can easily track your home from the trash site. Therefore, proper disposal of trash and wastes from your home, especially the kitchen will help you a lot in preventing mice and rats in your home. Ensure that all food leftovers are covered .


Trash bins should also be tightly secured using lids. Ensure that there are no spillovers and fall-offs from your trash basket when taking litter outside. This will prevent rats and mice from tracing back to your home. It is, therefore, important to put in place a proper waste and dirt management system for your home.


  1. Dry all Surfaces within your premises


Wet surfaces are attractive sites to rodents. In their search for water, rats and mice will find their way to places within your home that have moisture and water. Check your basement, kitchen, and the bathroom for any wet surfaces and dry them off.


If the percolation of water or wetness is as a result of damage to any of the home features, make sure that repairs are made.  A well-maintained and dry home is less likely to be home for rats and mice.  Any water lying on any surface should always be dried up.


  1. Trim off plants and clear fallen debris


When tree branches are hanging loosely and closely to your home, they will provide a bridge to enter your home. Therefore, it is good to ensure that tree branches are not allowed to extend close to your home walls, roof, doors, and windows.


Make sure that your home fence is well kept and trimmed at all times. Again, ensure that your garden is clear of any fallen debris from trees especially after autumn. When not cleared, fallen debris becomes a hiding site for rodents. Therefore, thorough cleaning of the environment will leave you free from pests totally science gitlab.


Rats and mice will always invade a home that is not properly kept. Therefore, it will help a lot to exercise a few tips for ensuring that your home environment is not conducive to them. Seal all cracks and gaps within your home to prevent their entry. Again, a clean living environment will keep them away. If they have already infested your home, mice exterminator services could help fix the problem.


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