5 Signs You Need Squirrel Removal in Scarborough

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Scarborough homeowners often confront the issue of removing pest animals from their homes because of the obligations of owning a home. Some squirrels are cute as they run across the park, but they’re not when they break into your home. 


A nuisance, squirrels may damage your house or company. It’s crucial to know the signs indicating you need squirrel removal scarborough. In this article, we’ll delve into five signs that suggest you might have a squirrel problem in your Scarborough home and why addressing the issue is essential.


Sign #1: Noises in the Attic or Walls

Imagine enjoying your morning coffee when you suddenly become aware of a strange scuffling noise above. It’s probably a squirrel, not a ghost. These creatures only come out to play during the day since they are diurnal. Scratching, chewing, or even high-pitched squeals are frequently the first warning signs that a furry intruder has entered your attic or walls. 


The regular occurrence of such sounds, particularly in the morning or just before sunset, may indicate a predictable path of travel on their part. Taking swift action to determine the source and remedy the situation can prevent potential damage and disturbance.

Sign #2: Damaged or Chewed Wires

A walk-through in your attic reveals something alarming — frayed wires scattered around. Squirrels do have a bad habit of chewing through electrical wires, but they can also expose your home to the serious risk of electrical fires. If your lights flash or your circuit breaker trips frequently, don’t dismiss it; you may have a squirrel problem. Such damage to wiring is not just costly to repair. Still, it can also threaten your home’s safety. Regularly inspect accessible wiring, especially in areas where you suspect squirrel activity.

Sign #3: Droppings and Urine Stains

Finding droppings in your attic or crawl space is more than just a gross discovery; it’s a glaring sign of an infestation. Squirrel droppings are similar to large rat droppings but are often bulkier. If you spot these along with urine stains on your walls or insulation, it’s time to take action before the issue escalates into a severe health hazard. Besides the visual disturbances, these droppings and stains can spread bacteria and potentially harmful pathogens. Cleaning and disinfecting these areas while addressing the infestation is crucial for maintaining a healthy living environment.

Sign #4: Damage to the Exterior of Your Home

During your regular yard upkeep, you notice small holes near your roof or chew marks on your wooden deck or patio. Squirrels may exploit these ports of entrance and egress to gain access to and leave your property. Squirrels often visiting your roof are another potential red flag. Such external damages can lead to vulnerabilities in your home’s structure, potentially allowing rain or other pests to enter. Regular inspections of your home’s exterior can aid in early detection and allow for timely repairs.

Sign #5: Nesting Material and Food Debris

While cleaning, you stumble upon a pile of leaves and twigs tucked away in a corner of your attic. Nearby, you also find a small heap of nut shells and fruit pits. This is a squirrel’s pantry and home, clear evidence that you have an unwelcome tenant. While cute, squirrels can introduce a range of unwanted materials into your home. It can lead to allergies or attract other pests. Maintaining a clean environment and monitoring these signs can be key to detecting their presence and ensuring they stay within their welcome.

Why Hiring a Pest Control Company in Scarborough is Crucial

You’ve seen one or more of these indicators and are analyzing your choices. While some may use DIY traps or deterrents, a squirrel infestation typically needs professional help. A competent Scarborough pest control company will remove present intruders and seal access spots to avoid future infestations. They may clean and sanitize afflicted areas to reduce illness and parasites. Additionally, these professionals are educated to address crises without harming animals or the environment. They utilize humane methods to ensure the squirrels are relocated safely without causing them distress.


Attempting to deal with an infestation alone can lead to incomplete solutions, further damage, or even personal injury. When cornered or threatened, squirrels can become aggressive, posing a potential risk to homeowners. A professional service brings peace of mind, knowing the problem will be resolved comprehensively and humanely. Investing in professional pest control ensures the health and safety of your home and its inhabitants while respecting the wildlife involved.


Squirrel infestations can lead to extensive damage to your home and pose potential health risks. If you’ve noticed any signs we’ve discussed, don’t hesitate to consult a professional squirrel removal service in Scarborough. Your home is your sanctuary; keep it that way by taking timely action against these furry invaders.


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