5 Reasons Why Tape Backup is So Popular Even After 2023

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There are multiple data storage servers that have been used for a long time to save your data. But one of the oldest servers is Tape Backup. Tape drives have been used to store data since the 1950s. 

Where technology is continuously changing, storage servers also come with multiple updates. However, have you noticed that the use of tape backup storage in big data companies is constant? Why is it so? This article features the reasons why tape backup is so popular even after 2023. 

Tape Backup:

Tape backup refers to the process of backing up important data to a tape storage device. It is one of the oldest data storage devices that can read and write data stored on magnetic tape.

Despite the fact that the majority of businesses now use disks or cloud storage for primary storage, tape is still widely used for backup and recovery.

Reasons Why Tape Backup Is So Popular:

1. Capacity:

In order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for data, the modern tape medium’s storage capacity is constantly increasing.

You can access high-capacity storage in a relatively small physical package by using tapes. 

You won’t have to worry about building a separate backup facility or buying more equipment to keep tape backups up to date in this way.

2. Cost:

In terms of cost per gigabyte, tape backups can be regarded as a very cost-effective alternative to cloud or disk backups. Besides, tape drives permit you to make disconnected information stockpiling, which costs less in terms of backing and support.

It is sometimes regarded as the most cost-effective method for storing large amounts of legacy data. It would be impractical, both financially and in terms of time, to first convert legacy data into a suitable format and then transfer that data from the tape cartridge to a new medium.

3. Scalability:

By purchasing new tape drives and adding them to the tape database, you can quickly scale up the backup infrastructure. However, if you want to increase disk-based storage capacity, you will need to purchase additional hardware, which can be quite costly.

These drives can store necessary data for as long as 30 years with proper care. Consequently, they can guarantee high archival stability and long-term retention of critical data.

The majority of the time, efficiency disks or cloud storage devices are used to store data that needs to be accessed frequently and quickly.

As a result, in order to carry out routine data backups and guarantee successful disaster recovery in the event of a crisis, such devices need to be operational around the clock.

4. Transportability:

The next significant advantage of tape reinforcement is portability. You can simply pick up the tape backup units and transport them to an offsite location after writing data to them. 

In the event of any expected danger to your tape storeroom, you can, without much of a stretch, gather tapes and transport them to a safer area. 

You will need to move a lot of data over the network to a new backup location in order to secure data from cloud or disk storage spaces. During a disaster recovery (DR) event, such operations can save a significant amount of time.

5. Security:

What makes tape reinforcement a rewarding choice for some associations is that it can safeguard information against ransomware or malware. 

Tape backups are stored offline, which means that once the backup process is finished, the tape storage device is disconnected from the system. Therefore, attackers are unable to gain access to data and corrupt it if the tape cartridge is not connected to the system. 

Tapes are better in this case than cloud storage, which is online and constantly vulnerable to outside threats.

Is Tape Backup Still Useful?

Similarly, as with some other types of innovation, tape has developed over the long term. Tape backup is still widely used in modern data centers, despite the fact that disk and cloud storage have largely replaced it as the primary backup medium.

It is clear why tape storage has succeeded, given the advantages we just listed for tape. The tape has not become obsolete as a technology as a result of ongoing innovation and development. 

The tape has successfully evolved from the primary backup medium to the long-term storage and archiving of large data volumes.

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In terms of data storage and backup, tape backups are still relevant. Tape backup is still a useful tool in modern data centers, despite the rise of cloud and disk storage. With continuous development, tape innovation remains a feasible choice for long-haul information maintenance and documentation.

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