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4 Must-Have Watches Every Man Should Own

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Men often find watches to be one of the few acceptable pieces of jewelry they feel comfortable wearing. So, if you’re going to wear a timepiece, why not make a bold statement? While many guys stick to wearing the same watch every day, it’s essential to have a few options to match different occasions, just like you do with your wardrobe. Today, I’ll present a basic four-piece watch collection that will ensure you have the perfect timepiece for any occasion, whether it’s a day at the office, a night at the theater, or a relaxing beach vacation.

Investing in a diverse watch collection allows you to showcase your personality and adapt to various settings effortlessly. Elevate your style with these essential timepieces.

1- Dress Watch

At the pinnacle of our selection is the dress watch due to its exceptional versatility. Dress watches transcend formal occasions such as fancy dinners and the opera. Instead, they elevate any attire, allowing you to maintain a casual look with a touch of refinement when paired with more relaxed outfits. The goal is to find an elegant timepiece that exudes understated sophistication, catching the eye of those around you without demanding excessive attention. While it’s possible to dress down an elegant watch, the challenge lies in elevating a casual timepiece to match formal occasions. You can get this through Ounass KSA.

2- Field Watch

Your second most significant timepiece in your collection would be a field watch. It’s the one you frequently wear during the weekends, whether you’re tinkering with your car in the garage, preparing a substantial meal in the kitchen, or embarking on a camping trip. A field watch is built to withstand rough conditions, designed with simplicity and legibility in mind. It’s a reliable companion that can endure the rigors of your activities without costing a fortune. With a field watch, you can find a timepiece that serves its purpose admirably while remaining budget-friendly.

3- Dive Watches

Dive watches are immensely popular among men due to their rugged and masculine appeal, as well as their practicality. While nylon straps or silicone bands are ideal for actual diving, it’s worth noting that only a few men actually use dive watches underwater. Most dive watches feature a large diameter, typically ranging between 40-46mm, with prominent indices, making them suitable for casual wear. However, if you opt for a sleek stainless silver color, they can also complement a more relaxed office attire. Meanwhile, you can effortlessly incorporate the diver into your daily ensemble, adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday look.


4- Chronograph

If you already possess a dress watch, a field piece, and a diver, you’ve already acquired the essential trio of watches. Honestly speaking, this collection alone is fantastic and can cater to almost any situation you can think of. So, why consider adding a fourth watch? Well, envision a chronograph as a precisely targeted strike. While the dress, diver, and field watches offer versatility across a broad spectrum, a bold and adventurous chronograph can serve as the perfect punctuation to your ensemble. When it comes to chronographs, there are a few different paths you can explore.

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