15 Tips for Adding Better Product Photos to Your Website

15 Tips for Adding Better Product Photos to Your Website

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Great product photos are essential for any eCommerce website. They provide potential customers with a clear idea of what the product looks like and can help to boost sales. However, taking high-quality product photos is not always easy. When potential customers see what they buy, they are more likely to purchase. This blog post will give you 15 tips for adding better product photos to your website. By following these tips, you can create beautiful and professional-looking photos that will help increase your sales!

Use a remote shutter release

If you’re looking to add better product photos to your website, one tool that can be extremely helpful is a remote shutter release. This authorizes you to take photos from a distance, preventing camera shake and ensuring that your products are captured in sharp detail. For example, area rugs can be notoriously difficult to photograph, but with a remote shutter release, you can easily get high-quality shots that show off your products in their best light.

Use Natural Light

Adding high-quality product photos to your website can be a great way to showcase your items and attract attention from potential customers. However, taking photos that are both clear and visually appealing can be a challenge. One key factor to consider is the lighting. Natural light tends to be softer and more flattering than artificial light, making it ideal for product photography. If possible, try to take your photos near a window or outdoors. If you’re using a flash, diffusing it with a piece of fabric can help to create a more natural look.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

While natural light is great for product photography, direct sunlight can be too harsh and create unflattering shadows. If you’re taking photos outdoors, try to find a spot in the shade. If you can’t avoid direct sunlight, you can try using a reflector to bounce some light back onto your subject and fill in any shadows. You can also employ a diffuser to soften the light and reduce its intensity.

Use a tripod!

A tripod will help keep your camera steady, preventing blurriness. It will also allow you to take advantage of natural lighting by positioning your camera near a window. To get the most professional-looking results, consider hiring a photographer who can help you take advantage of all the benefits that Tripods offer. By taking the time to add high-quality photos to your website, you’ll be sure to attract more customers and make more sales.

Set up a lightbox!

Another great way to add better product photos to your website is by using a lightbox. A lightbox is a small studio that you can set up in your home or office, and it provides the perfect environment for taking high-quality product photos. Using a lightbox, you can control the lighting of your shots, ensuring that your products are always captured in the best possible light.

Invest in a good camera!

To add better product photos to your website, you must invest in a good camera. With a good camera, you’ll be able to take high-quality shots that will show off your products. Examine for a camera with at least 16 megapixels and a good lens that will allow you to zoom in and get close-up shots of your products.

Use the right lens

When taking product photos, it’s important to use the right lens. If you’re using a DSLR camera, you should look for a lens with a focal length of 50mm or higher. This will authorize you to get close-up shots without distorting your products. If you want to get even closer, you can use a macro lens. These lenses are specifically designed for taking close-up shots, allowing you to get close to your products without distorting them.

Use descriptive file names

When you save your images, use descriptive file names so that people can easily find them when they’re searching online. For example, if you have a photo of red rugs, name the file “red-rug.jpg” rather than “IMG_1234.jpg.”

Edit your photos

Once you’ve taken your photos, it’s important to edit them to ensure they look their best. There are occasional things you can accomplish to improve your product photos.

  • First, you can crop them to remove any unwanted background clutter.
  • Second, you can adjust the brightness and contrast to make your products pop.
  • And third, you can use photo-editing software like Photoshop to further enhance your photos.

Watermark your images

If you’re nervous about people stealing your images, you can watermark them with your website’s URL or logo. This will deter would-be image thieves and also help promote your business if someone does happen to share your photos. To watermark your images, open them in an editing program like Photoshop and add your watermark in the bottom corner.

Optimize your images for web use

Before you upload your images to your website, optimize them for the web. This means reducing the file size of the image so that it loads quickly on your site. You can do this in an editing program like Photoshop or with a free online tool like TinyPNG.

Use an image CDN

A content delivery network (CDN) is a distributed server system that delivers webpages and other Web content to users established in their geographic location. Using a CDN can assist speed up the delivery of your website’s images.

Use product photos in your advertising

In addition to using product photos on your website, you can also use them in your online advertising campaigns. This can help potential customers better understand their buying and increase click-through rates.

Give customers the option to see multiple angles of your product

People like to see products from all angles before they make a purchase. If possible, provide customers with the option to view your product from multiple angles. This can be done using 360-degree photography or providing several photos of the same product from different angles.

Make sure your product photos are up-to-date

Your product photos should always be up-to-date. This means you’ll need to take new photos every time you release a new product or change an existing one. For example, RugKnots is a great example of a company that sells rugs online and has excellent product photography. They recently updated their product photos to reflect their new style of rugs with the new color scheme.


By obeying these tips, you can enhance the product photos on your website and make them more likely to result in a sale. Remember to keep your photos updated, use high-quality images, and provide multiple angles for each product. Do you have any other tips for product photography? Let us know in the comments below!

And that’s a wrap! Happy selling!


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