10 Tools to Embed Twitter Feed on Website

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Twitter has become a popular social media platform where individuals, businesses, and organizations share their thoughts, news, and updates in 280 characters or less. By embedding your Twitter feed on your website, you can showcase your tweets directly to your website visitors, providing them with real-time updates and fostering engagement.

Benefits of Embedding Twitter Feed on a Website

Embedding your Twitter feed on your website offers several advantages:

  • Increased User Engagement: By integrating your Twitter feed into your website, you encourage visitors to explore your social media content without leaving your site. This can lead to higher user engagement and longer website visits.
  • Fresh and Dynamic Content: Your Twitter feed constantly updates with new tweets, ensuring that your website always has fresh content. This helps in attracting returning visitors and offers a sense of activity to your website.
  • Improved Social Proof: Displaying your Twitter feed on your website can enhance your social proof. It shows that your brand is active on social media, has a following, and engages with its audience.
  • Brand Consistency: Embedding your Twitter feed allows you to maintain brand consistency across platforms. You can customize the feed’s design to match your website’s theme, ensuring a cohesive visual experience for your visitors.

Tools To Embed Twitter Feed On Website

Twitter Widgets

Twitter Widgets is the official tool provided by Twitter to embed your Twitter feed on your website. It offers a straightforward setup process and various customization options. You can choose to display your entire feed, specific tweets, or tweets from a particular user. Additionally, you can customize the widget’s appearance to match your website’s design.


Idukki is a comprehensive social media aggregator that supports embedding Twitter feeds on websites. It allows you to curate content from multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, and create engaging feeds for your website. Idukki offers customization options such as themes, layouts, and moderation filters to ensure your embedded feed aligns with your website’s aesthetics and requirements.


Juicer is a popular social media aggregator that enables you to embed Twitter feeds and other social media content on your website. With Juicer, you can collect, curate, and display your Twitter feed in a visually appealing manner. It offers responsive design options, real-time updates, and customization features to match your website’s branding.


Curator.io is a versatile social media aggregator that allows you to embed Twitter feeds on your website effortlessly. It offers a user-friendly interface and various customization options to tailor your embedded feed’s appearance. Curator.io also provides moderation features, analytics, and advanced filtering to curate the most relevant and engaging content for your audience.


SnapWidget is a simple and efficient tool for embedding Twitter feeds on your website. It offers multiple widget options, including grid, board, and slideshow layouts, allowing you to showcase your Twitter content creatively. SnapWidget provides customization features like resizing, background color selection, and font customization to match your website’s style.


EmbedSocial is a powerful social media embedding tool that supports the integration of Twitter feeds into websites. It offers a seamless setup process, real-time updates, and customization options. EmbedSocial allows you to moderate your feed, track analytics, and display user-generated content, making your embedded Twitter feed more engaging and interactive.


Walls.io is a social media wall platform that enables you to embed Twitter feeds on your website. It allows you to create dynamic and visually appealing social media walls, including Twitter content, in minutes. Walls.io offers customization options, advanced filtering, and real-time updates, ensuring your embedded Twitter feed reflects your brand and keeps your visitors engaged.


POWr is a versatile website plugin platform that provides a Twitter feed embed tool. With POWr, you can create and customize your Twitter feed to seamlessly integrate it into your website. It offers various layout options, design customization, and moderation settings, empowering you to curate a Twitter feed that aligns with your website’s design and requirements.


TweetDeck is a Twitter-owned tool that allows you to manage and monitor multiple Twitter accounts. While it doesn’t provide a direct embed feature, you can leverage TweetDeck by creating a dedicated account to curate and showcase tweets on your website. You can then embed this account’s feed using any of the aforementioned tools or by manually embedding the feed’s HTML code.


GoodWidgets is a user-friendly platform that lets you embed your Twitter feed on your website effortlessly. It offers customization options, responsive design, and moderation features. GoodWidgets ensures that your embedded Twitter feed fits seamlessly within your website’s layout and design, attracting visitors’ attention and encouraging engagement.


Embedding your Twitter feed on your website is an effective way to enhance user engagement, provide fresh content, and showcase your social media presence. By using the ten tools mentioned in this article, you can easily embed your Twitter feed and enjoy the benefits it brings to your website.

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